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Outstanding equipment and you can expect more orders from us. I even used the bite roll to pull an old truck we are working on out of the garage. All I had was a big logging chain available so we just hooked one loop/handle over the trailer hitch, the other on the ring of the 4-wheeler and slowly pulled it about 100 yards. Now that is tough built equipment I would say. I am not sure the dogs enjoyed my using their stuff like that but hey, they use my couch when I am not looking so! The only idea I have is that it would be cool if the bite sleeve was universal. Maybe there is a way to make the shoulder cap portion rotatable so you can switch arms. Having a 110lb shepherd hanging on your left arm gets tiring after a bit.
Thanks for everything, we look forward to working with you again.

From : Kenn, USA

I work in an animal shelter teaching public training classes, as well as working with shelter animals. We heartily recommend your equipment to all our students, especially those with large or unruly dogs. Your leashes are sturdy and durable, yet soft, easy to hold and great to work with. I also use some of the leashes for classes with our shelter animals because of their quality, strength and dependability. I personally use one of the police multi-purpose leather leashes for my 100 pound German Shepherd and have never had any reason to worry. It looks great and does the job well. Keep up the good work!

From : : Linda, USA, Missouri

I received harness today. I love it. It fits great. Thank you so much. Here is your feedback. As always I am 100% satisfied. I love the quality products that www.fordogtrainers.com produces. You can't get a better product anywhere. I am sure I will get as many compliments on this new harness as I do with the larger one for my other dog Hugo.
Thanks again for thr 5 Star treatment.

From : Ken, USA, Maryland

Hi Guy,
I've received the harness, collar and lead. The harness is fantastic I used to have problems getting his other harness on him because he wasn't sure about it, but this new one he loves and it's so much comfier for him when we take him with the pushbike for a run. The collar is fantastic quality and really well made, he really looks the part. I'm happy for you to use my tesatment wherever you need and I can send you photos if you like of him in his new kit - I'm proud as punch with them. Thanks once again,

From :Emma, USA

Dear Store ,
I would like to say thank you for the prompt and effortless completion of my recent order ( March 2009 ) ... I ordered a harness and a lead .. they both arrived in no time at all and I am more than happy to place orders in the future .. Once again thank you , I was a refreshing change for an internet purchase to be , On Time and exactly what I required.. Please feel free to show my comments to other potential buyers .. I highly recommend this on-line store .

From :James, UK

Hello Guy,
Thank you for your quick response! I can already give you feed back on my other harness, muzzle, and leash I already purchased from you. They are outstanding quality, and I know they are going to last me and my dogs a long, long time. That is why I returned for another leash and another harness. I am very happy my trainer referred me to you, I will continue to purchase from you because your quality is so outstanding. Thank you for offering such quality product to people like myself in the dog industry! Sincerely,

From :Kevin, USA, California

Dear Guy,
I have received the harness and the leash and I am very pleased with both products. They are beautiful the prices are fair and I must add that they are very well made as well. The harness looks beautiful on my dog. I have already received complements on both the products. I searched the web for the best heavy duty products for dogs and there were a lot of sites, but the products that stood out the most were &quote;for dog trainers&quote; from all those sites I decided to choose your web site and I made the right decision. Thank you very much for all your help and I will keep shopping on your site that is for sure.

From :Sandra, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the dog collars, muzzle and harness that I purchased from your company. The items are of high quality and I would certainly purchase from you again. I also appreciate you speeding up my order so that I was able to receive it in a short period of time.
Thank you!

From :Bev, USA

Hi Guy,
I just got my Collar and Leash for my French Mastiff, I must say I was highly impressed with the quality. Thank you so much and I will be placing another order very soon for my other dog. Probably order a black one for him. Thank you so very much and I will be recommending your services to everyone I know so if you see a rise in orders in Phoenix it will be me bragging about your work.

From :Dean, USA, Arizona



Hello Guys,
It is Michael here from Australia and i already received my order. I really glad i love found your website. Your products are REALLY HIGH QUALITY and i am really HAPPY WITH IT i will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and it's really quick and ur reliable even if ur understaffed. The only thing is that do you guys know the time difference in Queensland Australia to where you are in the US i tried to ring you guys to thank you but can't seem to contact you. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF PRODUCING HIGH QUALITY DOG SUPPLIES I AM GLAD THERE IS A COMPANY LIKE YOURS THANKS THANKS THANKS AND MANY MORE THANKS TO COME!

From :Michael, Australia

Hi Guy,
I did receive my order and everything is great! My husband loves it! Thank you so much for al of your help, we will be ordering more in the very near future. Thanks again!

From :Meryl, USA, Florida



Hello Guy!
We received our order yesterday and the merchandise appears to be very, very well made! we are quite pleased with everything. I have begun working with my shepherd today to get him acquainted with a muzzle. so far so good! Thanks for a fine product! (love the short leash, too!)

From :Rose, USA, Washington

Hello Guy,
The collars did come in..they came usps...not ups where I was tracking it from...the quality of the collars/leashes definitely exceeded my expectations...the leather is so soft..we will be ordering from you again in the near future..thanks so much....

From :Glenna, USA, Florida

I have Two German Shepherds which I use as &quote;service animals&quote;..I have a spinal cord injury and I use my dogs to help me WALK..your gear has enriched my life SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your QUALITY ON THE LEATHER ITEMS IS WONDERFUL..I AM firmly your customer..and I am anxiously awaiting the second agitation harness I ordered for my New male Shepherd. Thank you SO MUCH..you are a GOD SEND to a old disabled lady.....I was injured in 1972 as a professional water skier..and have spent the last 30 somewhat years fighting for a good quality of life. Your products have REALLY enriched my life and My Shepherds actually love the harnesses..the leather muzzles I use to help them &quote;think&quote;..they Hate the muzzle and all I have to do is to hold it up and ask them &quote;do you want me to use the muzzle..and magically their behavior improves..People think that I have vicious dogs because they muzzles look so serious..but I use them as a deterrent to bad behavior. The muzzle is magical in the effect that it has on them when they just SEE it..I rarely have to put it on them..and when I do it is only for seconds....
Your client forever....

From :Arlene, USA, California

The harness came yesterday. We tried it out with Vader pulling our 3 year old Grand-daughter on the sled and we all had a blast. It was great. Our dog is kinda on the skinny side - but with a few adjustments the harness fit perfect. We love the product. Good price, Excellent quality, Great communication. Thanks again. I definitely will tell people about your products and website.

From : Lisat, USA

Just to let you know the Muzzle has arrived and fits perfectly. The Harness has now been adjusted correctly. We are very pleased with all 3 items. I have not personally seen anything here in the UK that is so suitable and practical for the Pit Bull /American Bulldog breed. Many thanks for sorting out the Muzzle.

From : Margaret, UK

Hi Guy, Just to let you know my friend i received the replacement part today. I would like to congratulate you for your very kind and fast service ... your business and customer care is second to none my friend.... I look forward to doing business with you again in the future... All the best to you your friends and family for the new year take care and much respect thanks once again... Kind Regards.

From : Terry, UK

Hi Guy,
I received my collar and my leash monday,Very good quality,The collar i order a black leather with brass plate,but i receive a black leather with silver plate whatever i keep it Thank you very much,my dog look great with it.
Thank again!

From :Stephane, USA

Hi Dan,
The collar just arrived and we are IMPRESSED! It is absolutely beautiful and superior quality. Our 'Harley', a rottie, looks so darn handsome wearing it. We'll definitely be back for another when our 2 month old rottie, Hagen, is old enough for one! Thanks so much.

From :Chris & Gerry, USA

Well, Everyone has been visiting your site lately, and they all LOVE what you've done! You have made me very proud! Thank you again for your compliments, and I will certainly let you know when we're ready to order something new! I'm sure it won't be too long. I just love all of your products. Have a great night & thank you again.

From :Mary, USA, Georgia

I have received the leather harness and lead for my Akita, The quality and looks of the product are absolutely stunning. The shipment from your company to its final destination Scotland, United Kingdom was extremely quick. A very professional service in total. Thank you very much and I would recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase quality products at excellent prices. Regards.

From :James, UK

I received my first consignment and its about time i am writing this to thank you and not complain. All the items were in perfect and great shape. Thanks mate. Pls advise me the consignment number for the second one. Also, i am ordering few more stuff next week possible to use 2008 code or something else pls advise.
Many Thanks.

From :Benny, Australia

Dear Guy;
Would not you know, no more than 15 minutes after I sent you the email, UPS dropped the leash off. It looks great and is just what I needed. Thanks so much. I plan on keeping your website in my file for future reference.
Thanks again!

From : John, USA, Minnesota

Thank You for your response. I received the harness and leash last night about 6 pm pacific time. I am happy with the quality of the harness and leash. The reason I sent you an email was because I was worried about the package and I thought maybe there was some sort of problem. Overall I am pleased and my German Shepherd looks great in the harness. I would like to know what if any guarantee does your product have? I would appreciate any information. Thank You and I would look to do business again with your company in the future. Sincerely,

From : Ricky, USA, California

Just a quick note to say thanks for the quick shipping. the prong collor you sent is excellent. looks like it will last forever. looking forward to getting the muzzle i ordered. agitation is on hold till it comes as i cant find one in my area that will last more than 3 weeks or so i will be getting all our stuff from you in the future Thanks.

From : Rod, UK

I received my order yesterday. Its perfect! I wanted the small leather “handle” type leash for my dogs agility class so when he is on a piece of equipment he wont get tangled or hooked on anything. Its be great!! It was really hard to find one like that until I found your site!!
Thanks again,

From :Sarah, USA

I sent an email earlier today that now does not need a response as the collar has just arrived in the mail. I must say that i am more than impressed with the collar. The photos on your web site do not do it justice. The quality and workmanship is outstanding and I will certainly be recommending your products to all my dog loving friends. You have no idea how hard it is to get a good strong collar for a Great Dane as all the collars in the pet shop are flimsy and weak.
From a very satisfied customer.

From :Nicole, Australia, Maryville

Hello Guy,
Received harness Monday the 28th. Beautiful harness, works Great & the fit is Perfect. Thank You so much for Your help and service.

From :Bob, USA

Just received them today. They are beautiful!! Just took forever to get here. Thank you. Will pass your webiste onto my friends.

From :Victoria, USA, San Francisco

Hello Guy,
Thanks! My package arrived today! The collars look great.

From :Daniel, USA

I wild like to inform you about my order no ;346995 is reserved and the items is very high quality and i thanks every body contact you soon on new order. essa

From :Essa, Bahrain, Sira

Dear Guy,
Thank you for everything...I received the leather harness for my dog... it was a great product coming from you as always............thank you!

From :Junior, USA, Arizona

Dear Guy,
Thank you for everything you've done and for the great quality harness!

From :Junior, USA, Arizona

Hello Guy.
So far so good, I got the harness, and it is very good! Trusty really likes it, the first time I put it on him, he walked around all puffed up, and looked like he had something to say! It is very comfortable for him. And so far, I really like the control it give me - more on that after we try it out some more. What I am really writing to you about is, that I think my friend Jean Chalupsky, is going to order a harness from you. I have told her how much my dog, and I like it, and she is interested in one for her dog. Please keep an eye out for her email/order, I know that you will, because your customer service is outstanding, I just wanted to let you know, that I have been talking you up to all my dog loving friends.
Thanks again.

From :Marty, USA, Michigan

We received the collar and leash in the mail today. One word....AWESOME!!!! Now that I have it in hand, I can honestly say that this is the MOST well made collar I have EVER seen! The fit is perfect, the quality and attention to detail are second to none, and all my expectations were exceeded! The make/ship time was IMPRESSIVE, as well! Your customer service was exemplary! You have an additional family that is now dedicated to purchasing all future collar / leashes through your company. I look forward to placing my next order! Thank you for making this purchase such a great experience!
Very sincerely,

From :Anthony, USA, Washington


From :John, USA, New York

Dear Guy at ForDogTrainers as of Tuesday afternoon (03/04/08) the package came in. I'm very satisfied as well as Nyla (the pitbull). Well worth the wait .... Thank again!

From : Bernard, USA, New York

Collar and short lead arrived today. I wanted to send my thanks for such a high quality product. I had never purchased anything from you prior to this order so, I thought I'd start out with just these two items. They are better then any I've ever used and I promise I'll be back for more. Looking forward to my son's Pit Bull puppy to grow so he can order something for her.
Thanks again,

From : Bob, USA

Received my order yesterday afternoon - I am absolutely delighted - it is gorgeous the quality is superb and it certainly makes my rottie look like a king! I am so very glad that I found you and I will certainly recommend you whenever I can. Again - thank you.

From : Vivien, USA

I received the box today, like the Harness that the Rotti chewed, this one is beautiful and well built. Craftsmanship of the leather leashes match the harness. Thank you for providing quality products, they are what you advertised.

From :Diane and Klaus, Australia

I got my collar for my dog and it is great... thanks so much...hope to do business with you in the future...

From :Virginia, USA

I received all our ordered items today. Thank you so much everything is perfect.

From :Megan, USA, Ohio

Very pleased with product quality...hope to do business again.....Thanks for your prompt responses...

From :Mary, USA, Indiana

Dear Guy,
I just received the order. Great products! Thanks so much!

From :Marie, USA

Hi Guy,
Spectacular quality, thanks! Gonna order another one shortly.

From :Joan, USA

Dear Guy,
I received my order Saturday, July 5th. Thank you for your excellent service.

From :Al, USA

Hi Guy,
I received the collar and true to the advertising, it is a high quality product. I was impressed with the look and feel of the leather. It is a quality product and I will soon be ordering a pull harness for my old English bulldogge.

From :Mike, USA, California

Dear Guy.
Just to let you know that I have received my order today. I am amazed at how quickly it has arrived, as it has had to travel all the way to from the USA to the United Kingdom. You should know that it is not uncommon for goods to take up to 14 days to be delivered here even when they are only travelling from one part of the country to another. So I cannot thank you enough for your very efficient delivery service, that has enabled me to take receipt of my order within three days.
May I also thank you for the astounding quality of the goods that you have sent me. The collar and leash that I have received is by far the best that I have ever purchased. Not only are they made to the best possible standard, but they are also truly stunning to look at.
Again thank you so much, and I will most certainly be recommending your company to my contacts here in the UK and in France. Thank you again, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.
Best wishes,

From :Teresa, UK

Hello Guy,
Got the collar. The quality is very good and makes my American Bulldog look tougher than she really is and she seems to like it as well.

From :Mike, USA

Hi,i did get that collar,its very beautiful and suits for my dog Hammer:) Thank you!

From :Janno, Estonia

Dear Sir or madam,
i confirm i have received the goods many thanks,please send me my discount code am about to order another order. your urgent action will appreciated.

From :Naif, USA, New York

Hi Guy,
I did receive my order yesterday ( cord nylon dog leash ). I am very pleased with the quality of your product, and also with your service.I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks,

From :Mike, USA

I did receive it yesterday afternoon! Already fit it on my Airdale and he loves it! They quality is great and the new leash is the best I have ever owned. I'll be ordering two more leashes for friends of mine!

From :Daniel, USA

Thank you very much mate its as pleasure to have you back knowing I will get answers and knowing that you are looking after me. Should have a couple of more orders for you within the next fortnight or two. The leads L1 will be the 20mm 7ft 20mm 210cm yes. I just want to let you Know that the quality of workmanship that goes into making your equipment is better that anything here in Australia and the price is well below what we can get it for down here. To whom it may concern. I would like to pass this small message on that the service Guy Kotlarov provides personally is a big credit to the company he works for. His professionalism and attitude to help your clients is something that is missing from a lot of companies it is a credit to you. Everyone I have spoken to about your products has commented on the quality and price and as you can see by the amount of money I have sent you guys over the 4 orders I have now sent you that it will only grow. Please pass this on to your superiors and have this put onto your personal file. I fill that when someone is prepared to go the extra mile and a half to help others they should be recognized for that. Yours sincerely Mick

From :Mick, Australia

Hi Guy,
Received the order you sent last week and very impressed with the scratch suit and intermidate bite sleeve etc the person who it was for was also very impress with it also and said that he may well have some more orders for me for the same sleeves and scratch suit and he is know considering about getting the full bite suit aswell. I will have another order for you with in 2-3weeks. And should also have a couple of orders from the Airforce dog handlers as well. And no doubt you will continue to look after me looking forward to the order you are working on being sent once again thank you very much.

From :Mick, Australia


From :MIKE, USA, California

I just got the package and am more then happy with it. This weekend we will be doing the regional trials in Oregon and we will be giving the new design sleeve a good hard test! I can happily write up a review if we are happy with it. I bought the agitation harness for a 1 year old GSD I've been working am I am slightly disappointed with the girth measurements. I thought I would have more room &quote;to grow&quote; but it is a very good quality harness and I am happy with the quality of it. I'll just have to order a large pretty soon, good news for you at least. Thank you for such a prompt order, I am very grateful you guys got it out so fast! This gives me and my decoy a bit of time to get used to it before the tournament.
Very happy with my order,

From :Melissa, USA

Just to let you know that the new harness for my service dog arrived yesterday (March 31) and fits beautifully, Thanks for getting it to me with plenty of time to have him get used to it before the Wedding.

From :Steven, USA

Thank you Guy,
I received my order today and am very happy. The quality is excellent and I hope I can send some business your way.

From :VICKI, Australia

I just received my pit bull muzzle and it fits great! Very well made product I am very pleased with it and will recommend you to others. It's been great doing business with you and will order another one for my Min Pin who tends to nip when I take her to the vet.
Thanks again.

From :Heather, UK

Hi Guy,
I received the harness and just love it. It is very durable and made very well. It actually fits my dog and he seems comfortable in it. Plus I am able to handle my dog better. Thanks again for such a great product.

From :Kellie, USA

Dear Guy,
Thanks for the feedback - I got the harness last night. I am really happy with the product (this being my second version of the same harness) and this one is even better than the last because of the reflective stitching contrast. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Best regards,
P.S. I use this harness on my Rhodesian Ridgeback and it works great!

From :Rebekah, USA, Florida

Hi Guy,
Thank you very much for your fast reply. Actually I have just received the muzzle a couple of hours ago and it look perfect! Thanks!

From :Virginia, Italy

The harness arrived today and it's WONDERFUL in fact it fit my Bulldog Harley like a glove right out of the box! I know leather and leather work and your harness really exceeded my every expectation. So thank you for such an excellent product at such a remarkable price. Both Harley and I wish you the best and hope to trade with you folks again soon.
Kind Regards,

From :Peter, USA

Received order today at approx 4PM.Checked and already used harness with 120 Lb Great Pyrenees.Harness works excellent. Thank you very much and will keep your web site for reference to whoever wishes to procure training or good equipment for their animals. Thank You.

From :Victor, USA

Dear Dan,
Thank you so much for the agitation/ protection harness. I have a 75 lb pitbull that loves to pull and he has broke every harness I have bought him in 4 years. I have a good feeling your leather harness with the breast plate will last a long time. It was nice to find a website with items specifically for the american pitbull terrier that doesn't promote fighting. Thank you

From :Lauren, USA

Gus, thank you for everything! I recieved my equipment yesterday, and my boy already started breaking it in! I'm going to be ordering more stuff today, based on your prompt delivery and excellent customer service. Keep up the good work!

From :Josh, USA

I just received my leather harness today and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the harness it is the finest peice of work I have seen in a long time when it comes to harness for dog this is the best quality and wonderful craftmenship. Thank you so much for the wonderful product and I will differently will buy friom your wed site again.

From :Bobbi, USA

Guy, I received my harness just a few minutes ago. WOW superb quality!! Now if I can just get my dog to feel that way about it. He thinks I'm punishing him by putting it on him. I hope he will get accustom it. If I order a collar, could I get it by the end of April? Do you have any suggestions? Thank You

From :Donald, USA

Thank you, It's a fine quality leash. I would be happy to do business with you again.
Thank you again!

From :Richard, USA

Hi Guy,
We really like the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship. We can tell you take pride in your product. We will definitely keep ordering from you. Now that we have an account established, if I order online, do I get the same price, or should I just email you what is needed?

From :Ray, USA

Just a note to tell you that the collar I just bought from your company was even better built than I expected wonderful.. And I have told others to go to your site for there Big dog collar purchase.

From :Michele (Trainer), USA

What can i say,the harness came today,superb!Thanks again for a great service and for your help. Many thanks,

From :Peter, UK

My order arrived last Friday and the collars are &quote;Superb&quote; we are very pleased will all of them, workmanship and appearance. We will definitely keep you at the top to our list the next time we need something.
Thank you for your response to my email, it was greatly appreciated.

From :Nancy, USA

I received yesterday the harness and I have try on my dog. This is the perfect harness for my newfoundland.Thanks.

From :Damien, France

Hi Guy ,
just wanted to thank you for getting back to me and also to let you know that I recieved my harnesses today and am very pleased, they are exactly as described, SUPER!!

From :Gillian, Ireland

I wanted to let you know I received the new harness today made in the old way. I am so pleased with it and I can't thank you enough for making it the old way for me. It fits my Rottweiler perfectly and it is wonderful quality. Thank you so much, we are very happy with it! Perfect!

From :Allison, USA

Dear Dan,
Thanks for getting back with me re my order, I appreciate it very much. I'm writing to let you know I received the wire basket muzzle, yesterday, 04/24/08. I wanted to tell you I am really, very pleased with the quality of the muzzle, it's very well made. And, it fits my dog perfectly. Now I know where to go when I want a quality product. Thanks very much, once again, for your tmely response and for a great product.

From :Michelle, USA

Hi Guy,
Another great product. The leash is very well made and I just love the leather handle, very comfortable. The tug toy is made well but unfortunately my dog has chewed through the material already.
Thanks again. Sincerly,

From :Kellie, USA

Thanks Guy,
I received the lead on Monday and we have been enjoying it! It is well made and it turns out it is just in time for the next step in our dogs training class. I will definitely consider using your website again in the future.
Best wishes,

From : Heather, USA

It's great. High quality construction and the best design I've seen so far. Will highly recommend it.

From : Karina, USA

I would like to tell you that I just received your Leather harness and leash. I will tell you I am 110% satisfied with this product. I went to the store with my dog and was there approximately 1 hour and I was approached by 5 people who loved this harness. I gave out your information to two of them. I hope some new business comes your way. Respectfully,

From : Ken, USA

I received the other Rottwieler harness a few days ago, and I am compelled to write and tell you how much I am impressed by your pulling/handling harnesses. The production quality is superb, and the design shows obvious thought and engineering. My two Rottwielers pull well and show notable freedom of movement with your equipment. Thank you.

From : John, USA, Colorado

Hi, I have just made my first purchase from your store and I have to say that I am very happy with your service and the pulling harness that I have bought, It is really strong and well made and the size is just perfect. As I live in Australia I had anticipated the delivery time to be atleast 2 weeks but it was delivered here in 10 days. Thank you, I will certainly buy other products from you and recommend you to my friends.

From : Joan, Australia

Just wanted to thank you for the fast service you provided. It was extremely difficult to find a muzzle that fits my dog, and I didn't have time to have one specially made. Thanks to the details and measurements you provided on your site, I found one that fits. And it arrived in time for our trip to the vet.Thanks!

From : Debbie, USA

Just received you products:
- All Weather dog harness for tracking / pulling Designed to fit Cane Corso
- Retro Rulz - Gorgeous Vintage Dog Leather Collar - C103
and - agitation / Protection / Attack Leather Dog Harness Perfect For Your Cane Corso Want to express my appreciation regarding
- Instant customer care and phone call regarding shipping info about the order
- superb quality and finish fittings applied to all of the items received.
Already started to recommend your site to all dog lover friends.

From : Mehmet, Turkey

Hi, my name is Barry. I got an order from you. Below is my review!!!! ABSOLUTLEY SUPERB QUALITY AND THE SPEED OF IT AND IM IN IRELAND. Great stuff! Great website. Nice and clear 2 day deliever.
A customer for life!

From : Barry, Ireland

Sorry it to so long to get back with you We received the Muzzle and everything looks great It fits good and seems to be a real nice muzzle Thanks for your help and great customer service.

From :Terry, USA

Hello Guy,
We are writing to say the parcel containing our dog collar today in the post. We are extremely grateful for the service you have provided us. Rather surprised we received the parcel in total after being checked and released by customs and within such a short time. Very, very happy to purchase this product, for the same collar purchased in Australia is over twice the amount. Thank you once again, hope to deal with you again soon.

From :John and Lesley, Australia

I received the collars today! They are the best quality I have seen!! Thank you so much.

From :Sarah, USA

Just to thank you for your excellent product & service. I appreciated you telephoning me to ensure I ordered the right size collar, & it arrived today safely. It is the correct size & lovely workmanship.
Many thanks.
Kind regards.

From :Chris, UK

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your excelent service, and quality product. I have purchased a lot of stuff on-line and you were the best, I was very impressed with the collar and leash I bought from you. Thank you again. I will buy from you again and snd my friends to you as well. Thank you

From :Steve , USA

Dear Guy,
I received my replacement order today and i would just like to thank you for all that you did, many thanks.

From : Lesley, UK, Scotland

Hi, i would just like to say i have received my order today 6/3/08, the delivery was superb many thanks i am sure i would order from you again , as no hassel just straight forward and very easy , once again thank you.

From :Margaret/Kasey, UK

Hi Guy,
This is Corey,I bought harness from you. I ment to let you know that it works great! I love it thanks for the hi quality product!God bless you & have a great day.

From :Corey, USA

Hi guy I just treated boomer to a new collar and choke think he deserved it as we were in an AB show yesterday he won 2 to 4 yr old standard male went on to win best standard male then the crowning glory went on to win best in show so im well happy with him!!! had a guy fly over from the states to do the judging,i always like to show under american judges as its an american breed and they give a good critique ill send a pic of him in his new collar hope you and your family are well
Many thanks

From :Ian, UK

Dear Guy, recieved my dog training lead today and i am so pleased with it, great prices great service what more can you ask for. Many thanks.

From : Lesley, UK

Hi Guy, The package arrived in Trinidad on Friday, however we are yet to collect it. Nevertheless please be advised that we will inform you as per the receipt and I am certain you will be commended on the products as we were most interested via the website of your offers....we will keep you abreast and let you know accordingly....Thanks again Guy. your assistance in the above mentioned matter has been greatly appreciated and we look forward for future business deals and proposals!

From :Alisha, Trinidad

Hi Guy, We received the collar and muzzle and lead within a week from the order as promised. We are very impressed with the quality of all of the items and love the collar particularly. Thankyou. Many people have commented on how good it looks and are impressed with the workmanship. Sorry for the delay, I have been meaning to email you for weeks now.

From :Kate, Australia

Hello there, Firstly, a big Thank You !! We have received several different items from you now, harnesses, muzzles and now, collars, and may I say that the quality is absolutely fabulous, each item is a pleasure to look at and feels good to both owners and dogs!. We know of nowhere else where you can receive such exemplary service, (inc. speed of delivery, packaging) and quality, all from the same company. We have and will continue to recommend you to all our friends/relations/acquaintences. Many, many thanks James and Linda

From :James and Linda, England

Hello again Guy
The muzzles have arrived. They are a perfect fit but the terriers aren't too happy about it. I am sure they will get used to them. Thanks again for all you time and trouble. I look forward to trading with you again. kind regards

From :Elizabeth, UK

Hi Guy,
I wanted to let you know the harness arrived, and it fits Kaz just perfectly. I'm very pleased with the quality, and the way it was made. I think it will work just great for what I need. I have passed your web address on to a couple of my friends. One of them saw the harness and just loved it.
Thank you so much

From :Patti, USA

Hi Guy,
I have NEVER done this in the past but I had to just drop you a short message. The order arrived today (after just 36hrs!!) and I am amazed at both the quality and the price, first class all round. Both of the collars are BEAUTIFUL, top QUALITY items, fantastically priced, and im sure that they will last forever. They look stunning on my two Olde Tyme Bulldogges, Spike and Lola. When I get some photos of them, I will forward them onto you. (you can use them with my permission). The bite sleeve and cover are also top quality, and Spike adores it already!! I cannot believe how well priced everything was, as in the UK, the price would have been astronomical for these type of goods, and at this standard! When I need to get anything else for my dogs, yours will be the ONLY store I will be coming to in the future. From placing the order, to receiving the product, it has been first class service throughout, a rare commodity these days. I will be recommending you to my friends and everyone who admires the collars, as I am sure they will. Cheers mate,

From :Glenn, UK

Hey Guy,
Just to let you know everything's arrived on time for the training session and evaluations we have planned this weekend, great service as usual so thanks very much for this. Your new harness design looks good, like the new handle style. The Dondi muzzle fitted the rescue fine, and the harness that went with it fitted my associates dog so that he can step-up his man-work into the Sch' 1 prep now because he's mostly been working off the collar which is not ideal. Thanks again, I will try and get some pics for your site!

From :Dan, USA

Just a follow up on the package that I ordered. I am very pleased with the make and material or both the Harness and the Collar. The Harness is unfortunately big for her for now but I guess it would be okay when she gets her full size. I am a tad bit disappointed on the tag though. It is a bit small for the price, taught it would have been a little bigger. Regards,

From :Sherif, Trinidad and Tobago

Did receive my order. I have 2 German Shepherds and one is 125lbs. I love the weight of the leashes. These are my second ones. Thank you.

From :Michelle, USA, New Hampshire

Just would like to say what excellent quality your harness is....I will certainly be shopping at your website again and would definitely recommend your website to others. Thanks again!!!

From :Jackie, USA

Ok. I got the impression from Guy email that the item had already been made and sent to NJ to be shipped. I guess there was some miscommunication. I appreciate you're prompt, attentive and thorough reply. I have to say you guys do have great customer service. The harness has already proved it's strength and quality. I ride my bike with my dog tethered to it, and he runs along side me. The other day we were moving along at a pretty fast clip and he suddenly slammed his brakes on for some reason. I didn't notice and kept going until I felt a sudden jolt and heard a scraping noise (I'm a really big guy, so I didn't feel the jolt as much as the average sized person would). I stopped and looked behind me to see Tyson (my 65 lb pit bull) on his back. I probably drug him 3-5 yards, but thankfully the harness protected his back from being scratched. He jumped up, I checked him over, and we kept going. Those were some pretty extreme forces to withstand, and your harness held up perfectly well. I'll send a pic sometime in the near future. Thanks,

From :Derek, USA, Mississippi

Hi there,
I receieved your item sent. Of the muzzle. I must say it fit very well. Thanks again.... Now it is very easy to give a bath with nips.

From :Thomas, USA

Got the sleeve cover today!! Thank you very much - it is much more like what I wanted than the one I had to buy elsewhere -- don't run out of those things any more!! :)

From :Nancy, USA

collar looks good, muzzle looks good. you should offer a nice brass or bronze plate on the agitation collar for the dog and owner's ID.

From :Lucien, USA, Alabama

The collar is great, looks and fits perfectly and the only thing I could pick out was the thickness of where it is latched in to make it tight. I have seen other collars that are smoother and thinner in that area but overall it is a great collar, Thanks

From :Chris, USA, Plymouth

It fit. Thanks. It seems to be good quality. I'm very satisfied and you had the best price that I found on the internet. Thanks.

From :Jermaine, USA,

Hi Guy,
Just wanted to let you know I got the muzzle yesterday. I tried it on my dog and it fits perfectly! It's a great piece of craftsmanship. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting this product; it's nice to know there are still companies out there that really do care about their customers! You can bet I'll recommend your company to anyone looking for this type of product!
Thanks again,

From :Billie, USA, Texas

Hi Guy, I finally picked up my order today from the post office. They made a few errors in trying to deliver it that was why it's taken so long for me to get it. Anyway, it's all good and thanks so much for the leashes. Once again amazing quality. Thanks again.

From :Kaiahma , Australia, Nunawading

Thanks for collars I ordered the other day, the small collar for my small Sheppard fits perfect. Thanks for the great collars.

From :Don , USA, Texas

Hi -
Yes, I received it the same day I sent the e-mail. The quality looks great - just taking some time to get my dog used to it - a bit at a time - so I will know more at a later time.
Thank you for your reply and service.

From :Carol, USA, Brookfield

Dear Guy, Thank you very much for your assistance and excellent service. Glenn and I will definitely come back, we love your products. I have your company icon on my desktop. I am especially interested in getting the war collar ASAP. I will speak with Glenn in the morning and if he agrees we will order that for sure by the end of the weekend (I'm sure he will agree). Thank you again for your excellent service, I will recommend your website to all my friends, Yours truly,

From :Anna, Australia, Concord

I just received the leash. I love it, thank you. I have some friends that work with Guide Dog School of America and used to have a man hand make these leashes for them.
He stopped making them and they have not been able to find a replacement. You might be it though! I now am looking for a leather martingale collar to match the leash. Do you by chance have such a collar?

From :Amy, USA

Thanks Guy for a beautiful harness,people have already commented how good my dobe looks in it,very quick delivery.
Another very satisfied.Will send a photo soon.

From :PAUL, U.K

Hello Guy
Many thanks for the very quick delivery of my order 353786, I received it today 22 July.
All the dogs are now going to have to get used to their muzzles whether they like it or not, I think the harness is excellent too and am going to look for a dog cart for them to pull. Thank you so much and am looking forward to ordering more things in the near future.

From :Valerie, USA

We received the harness now a week ago, everythink it`s ok, we liked very much and our doggy too (I think ) we will send for you some photos soon,thak you very much.

From : Mary and Ninel , USA

I have ordered numerous dog training items from you and I must say that they are the absolute best!
Excellent products from someone who understands their use.
The products are great quality, with the attention to detail and fast shipping!
Thanks, Guy, for having such a great website, products and the best customer service in the World!
I plan to do much more business with you in the future.

From : John, USA, North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know that Nigel had his vet visit today...and we used the custom muzzle with great ease! The vet was very impressed with the style and quality. Nigel looked very handsome wearing his muzzle. Thank you for your great customer service and wonderful muzzle!!!

From : Claudia, USA, New York

Hi Guy
Just wanted to say we have received the harnesses and they are absolutely great - so strong and effective in controlling our dogs, and not like anything we had found in Australia.
As an aside, we found out the package was opened and inspected by Customs on the way into the country - I can only guess the sniffer dogs must have got excited by the &quote;doggy&quote; aroma of the package!!
Thanks again

From : Christina, Australia

You guys are the best!
I received the items and am completely satisfied!

From : Jonathan, USA

just a quick note to thank you so much for the muzzles, they arrived today. I am so happy, actually our German Shepherd is still wearing the wire mesh muzzle and quite content. Thank you so very much.

From : Carol, Canada, Ontario

I am sorry I was in a panic, I have a moving company in my house and was so worried I would not get the muzzle's in time for our flight.
I am so pleased as both muzzles arrived and all is well so sorry if I seemed a little stressed.
I think you and your company are just great.
Many thanks.

From : Carol, Canada, Ontario

Dear Guy
I have a new feedback about the dog pulling harness the D ring have some rust, because my dog is a new foundland and he love swin on the sea, with his harness, an inoxydable D ring must be a great upgrade.

From : Damien, France

The service was great, I placed my order and next thing I knew it was in the mail waiting for me. The collars are awesome! Great quality for the price! They look great on my dogs and people can't stop asking me where I got them from.
Thank you .

From : Jessica, USA

I worked in the Vetrinary industry for over 10 years and I have to say you make the best harnesses and collars I have ever seen! With almost three years of use from my harness and leash I still get compliments(giving you and your site full credit of course) and they have no frays or issues.
I am now interested in your Royal Nappa Padded Hand Made Leather Dog Collar-Fashion Exclusive Design - code: C43 and was curious if it could be special ordered in brown.
Please let me know of cost and availability and thanks again for such great products!!!

From : Dave, USA

Thank You for my wonderfull dog collar # 354588,we were very happy for such wonderful item,we`ll be ordering from you again soon.
Thank You Mary

From : Mary, USA, Florida

Hi Guy,
I just received the order, the quality of this stuff is unbelievable, it is even better than the pictures on the web site , give me 30 mintues, I’m putting together another order.

From : Anthony, USA, Alabama

Thank you very much for your prompt service and excellent product! We will be ordering from you again!

From : Jennifer, USA

Used it yesterday. Loved it and so did my trainer. Great piece of equipment.

From : Daniel, USA

Hello Recieved my order today , great quality and quick postage.
Will be happily telling a few mates about were to go for any gear they need.

From : Justin ,Australia

Hi Guy ,
Buster received his dog collar yesterday and we love it!! He kinda parades around like he thinks he's a movie star (ha ha). Thanks for a first class product!!

From : Lori ,USA

My partner and i would like to thank you for the very speedy delivery of the collar we ordered for our great dane troy. Again thank you

From : Christopher,USA

As usual I jumped the gun, it arrived yesterday here at the office and I told everybody it was for my husband. The quality is excellent. I plan on trying it on my little brat today. Thank you and I'm sorry for being too quick on the trigger. Irene - www.dogsaver.org/willinghearts

From : Irene ,USA ,Colifornia

Thank you Guy,
You're doll. Once again very pleased with www.fordogtrainers.com. I have shopped with you all a lot. great deals and great customer service.

From : David , USA

Dear Guy,
I received the harness on Friday and my daughter came right over to get it for her Bernese Mountain dogs. She said it fit perfectly and started working the dogs in it Saturday. Already she is VERY pleased with it and wants another one.
So in the near future I will be ordering another harness from you. We are quite happy with the product and service. And I'm excited about the discount for the next one!

From : Diana , USA

Great product. Fits my Rottie really well and looks great. Please send me the discount code for my next purchase.

From : Mike , USA

Hello Guy
The muzzle has been received and fits my dog perfectly - it is a beautiful piece of equipment!
Thanks for checking on this for me.

From : Sue, USA

Hello Guy
FeedBack : Product: Excellent (lightweight yet Strong)
Price: Excellent
Speed of delivery: Good (considering this is custom made) if this was an item in stock:
Slow Communication: Fair (over 48 hrs to respond to my email)
recommend to others:Most definitely
Hope this helps
You have a Great Day

From : Jim, USA

Just received the order this afternoon. The quality of these tugs is unbelievable. They are so well crafted and just beautiful… This is not at all what I expected - they are GREAT!

From your email it sounds like you actually make these yourself? How did you get started? Also, once the puppy is grown, we want to get a leather collar. Are these crafted by you also/ in the same facility that the tugs are from?

Thanks again for such a great product!

From : Jonathan , PA, USA

Just want to say that I'm extremely happy that I found your website. You have great selection by far the best products for real dogs and the owners. I leave in Toronto (Canada) this is one of the biggest cities in North America full of pet shops and companies that sell products and training equipment for dogs. However, I had a very hard time finding something real, something that wont make my dog look like a clown, something that is great quality, smart design and stylish. I found that most products are for small dogs and few that fit large dogs are of poor quality and have pictures of flowers, funny collars with shiny bones, Play Boy Bunnies and so on… I was even more disappointed when I so the price tags, this (Made in China) poor quality Leashes, Collars, Muzzles and Harnesses were vary expensive. At ForDogTrainers.com I found exactly what I was looking for: The best quality, best durability, and best design for real working, protection and service dogs, and the prices so low that I couldn't believe my eyes. I want to say thank you very mach for your incredible service, and please keep it up and running so we can treat our self and our dogs with The Best of the Best!!!

From : Dimitry Serov.

Guy I received my Nylon Harness and just wanted to show my appreciation. The Harness is amazing the dog loves it i love it and he is now much more comfortable in training and walking and the control is amazing. It like clothing for him now he wants it on in the morning and doesn't want you to take it off. I have recommended you to everyone i can think off that would need this equipment. Again thanks for the great customer service and a truly great Product.

From : Dave

Guy- I have ordered many things via the internet and I am VERY pleased with your service. Dealing with your company and receiving your exceptional quality product has been a supprise compared to the many other internet based companies. I have used a quite a few bite sleeves and I am most happy with your's it's weight, construction, fit. You have a loyal customer, thank you again for the great service! Andy Naylor Bradenton, Florida USA If you have a happy customer section please post this.

From : Julie K
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hello Guy,
I am writing to commend you on the quality of the equipment you have again provided me! I have a working Malinois and Dogue de Bordeaux, both outfitted with your agitation harnesses. The padding has saved the fur and skin on both my dogs, and can work in them for hours! The Agitation muzzle is superbly ventilated and so suited for my climate.

Also I love your multi-purpose leads, very easy on the hands. No one believes their strength, but having a 120 pound dog hit the end hard time after time has shown the quality! I cannot find anything made in Australia that can rival your quality and price, and I reccomend you to everyone I meet!

Thanks, will definately be back for more!


I Got the products as expected.
Very pleased with product and will recommend to my friends !

Wes, CA

Hello Guy,
I was not home when the Post Office attempted the initial delivery.
I did pick up the package today in person.
Let me say how much I love those harnesses. Not only are they attractive looking but
they are constructed very ruggedly which is ideal for a breed like the English
Bulldog which are strong, stocky and pull hard. I especially appreciate the handle
on top which I conveniently grab when I need to control them. ...both my Bulldogs
get excited when they see other dogs or a familiar face and I can pull back on this
handle to discourage them from jumping.

Evelyn , NY

I am happy with the product you sent. I want to compliment you on the quality and price of the collars.  They are unique and exactly what I wanted.  I have looked at many collars and these are the best.  The felt on the inside is really unique and nice.  I think it makes it more comforable for the dog and I would like to see more sizes.  I would do business with you in the future and plan to do so.
Thank YOU
Lawrence, AZ
Mr. Guy Kotlarov,
Wow, the leash and harness are wonderful!  Everybody at my club is impressed with the quality and prices of your products.  I must have given out the website address about 8 times Saturday alone!  I also reminded them that there is an add for your products in the magazine that USA Schutzhund puts out. . .
My husband and I have two German Shepherd dogs and we will definitely be ordering more equipment from you as the puppy grows up!
a member of
Stanislaus County Schutzhund Club

The order arrived, thank you very much.  The harnesses look great.  Everything worked out great, they really look good.
Thanks again,
Dave , Brooklyn NY
Dear Guy
I have recieved my products and i am very satified with them.
thank you   
Jesus , CA
Just received my order. Excellent service and very good quality equipment.

Trisha , NH

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