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Leather Harness for Collie
From the history of the breed

There were only few people who heard about Collie breed until 1860. Its name came from the Scottish sheep with black head - colley. In fact people got interested in this breed after Queen Victoria wanted this very dog to live in her palace (residence of Balmoral). She was obsessed by nobility and beauty of this dog. Then the popularity of the Collie has considerably soared: they became participants of exhibitions and faithful companions for many people.

Country of origin: United Kingdom.

General appearance:
Collie is a dog of rare beauty, characterized in unshakable serenity and innate sense of dignity.

Height and weight:
Modern collie is a slender, graceful and strong dog of rather large size. Height at withers: Males - 56-61 cm, females - 51-56 sm. Weight: males - 20-29 kg, females - 18-25 kg.

It is double, with a soft, fluffy and dense undercoat. The cover coat is smooth, rough, strong and shaggy, not wavy or with curls, though slight wave is permitted. The length and density of hair is enough to provide protection and present form of the the dog in a favorable light, but not so abundant as to obscure the natural lines of the body. Hair cannot be trimmed in any case. The nasal bridge is seldom covered with hair, while the sides are slightly longer; hair enlarges in length up to the chest at the lower lip and under the chin, thus forming a typical beard.

Luxuirous leather harness for Collie
slate gray, tan, black, blue, all tinges of gray, brown and sandy, with or without white markings. If there is white marking, it appears on the snout, as a blaze on the forehead, the skull, on the tip of the tail, on the torax, limbs and feet. If the marking appears on the collar area, the base of white hair should not come to the shoulders. White should not appear above hocks on outside of hind limbs. Light red markings at the eyebrows, on the inner side of the ears, on the cheeks, under the base of the tail, and on the limbs in the place of transition of white color into the main one are allowed.

the exterior of the head, which should be proportional to the size of a dog, is also essential. If you look at the Collie en face or in profile, the head will have a smoothly contoured, blunt wedge shape.

The skull of a collie is flat, with a gradual narrowing of its lateral lines from the ears till the end of the nose. Cheeks did not butt out, the snout does not sink in. If you look at the dog in profile, the upper lines of the snout and skull should be in the shape of two equal parallel lines, dividing a slightly defined stop. The middle between the inner corners of the eye is the center of the proportions of the head in respect to length. A round smooth muzzle is blunt at the end, but does not form sharp angles, the mandible being powerful. There is no excessive depth of the skull between the eyebrows and the lower edge of the mandible. The tip of the nose is black.

the ears are medium sized, fairly widely spaced, erect or cocked.

Eyes: the eyes of a collie are of medium size, slightly slanted, almond-shaped, painted in dark brown color (except for marble color. In this case one or both eyes are blue or have blotches of blue). Dog's eyes reflect intelligence and the look is lively.

Harness for Collie
Neck: the neck is rather long and muscular.

Teeth: teeth are large and white. Strong jaw, if possible with a perfect, regular scissors biteupper incisors being placed with no gap with the lower teeth and arranged vertically in the jaw. Pincer bite is allowed, but not desirable.

: the lenth of the back is the length of the chest, not the length of the loin. The back is straight, ribs are well sprung but not barrel shaped. The loin is strong, the chest is deep, with plenty of space for the heart and lungs.

Belly: belly is tucked up.

tail set on low, with no breaking or turn, and is long enough for the last vertebra to reach the hock at least. In a stance or in motion the tail is kept low with a slight rise forward on the tip. In a more rapid motion the tail is stretched. It never hangs over back. The tail is covered with furry coat.

Limbs (forelimbs and rear):
forelimbs are straight, parallel to each other. Shoulder blades are long, sloping. Forearms are upright. Pasterns are short, strong, slightly sloping. Rear limbs are straight and parallel. Joint angles are very well angulated. Femurs are moderately long, with relief and lean muscles. Tibias are long, slanting. Hocks are wide, dry, lowset. Feet are of oval shape, large, arched, with tightly spaced fingers and large, firm pads.

Attractive features:
Collie is an ideal family dog. It is an incredibly faithful and affectionate creature, with an expressed addiction to babysitting. Such a wise elder friend. Besides, the collie is extremely friendly in respect to the other animals.

It would never leave the house, even if it could - because it knows exactly that its place is right here, by the family. You won’t find a more patient, reverent, gentle and playful friend for your children than a collie. And, of course, sophisticated, aristocratic exterior supports this image of a positive hero. Collie dogs have not become favourite among the high society at once, although they look like kings.

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