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Dog Collars

Dog Collars
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*Ringo Presents his Heavy Duty Leather Pitbull Collar

Hi Stacie, My dad, Ralph Statter, purchased a collar from you. He asked me to send some picture of the pity. Here are some of Ringo, looking regal...
$21.99... more info

Lovely *Hamish and *Andy Presenting Black Leather Studded Dog Collar of Exclusive Design

Soft&Strong Genuine Leather Dalmatian Collar with Blue Stones Nowadays collar becomes not only necessary equipment to get more control over the...
$49.99... more info

Dog pinch collar - 50045 (3.99mm) ( Made in Germany )_1

Dog pinch collar made in Germany dog collar size: 3.90mm,10 links,25 inch ( 65 cm ) additional link 1 4/5 inch ( 4.5 cm ) You can also order nylon...
$51.99... more info

*Drago Finds Excellent STAINLESS STEEL Dog Pinch Collar

Guy, I just placed and order and this is the order number #3000551, he is a 3 year old male Cane Corso. I would say that he is full grown, can’t...
$43.99... more info

Handsome *Blade wearing STAINLESS STEEL-Dog pinch collar

Dear Guy... It's My pleasure dealing with Your firm...I have attached three (3) photos of My Dog "Blade" wearing Your collar and as You can see, He...
$43.99... more info

*Rambo is the happiest dog with new *Dog Prong Collar of Stainless Steel - (3.99mm) ( Made in Germany )

Guy, As promised here is a photo with Rambo wearing the Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar and a basic Schutzhund video with Rambo training...
$76.99... more info

Cool dog in Royal Nappa Padded Hand Made Leather Dog Collar - code C443

Nappa Leather Canine Collar Helen from Iowa (USA) kindly privided us with photos of her lovable pet. Thank you, Helen! ForDogTrainers Stuff ...
$65.99... more info

*Kourosh is so elegant in NEW 2023 Round leather silent training choke collar

Received a lot of complements and was voted "Best Dressed" at a recent mini training "Boot Camp" in Utah, conducted by our breeder, FamilyDobes....
$26.99... more info

*Akela Establishes Matchless Style with Designer Tan Leather German Shepherd Collar from FDT Artisan

FDT Artisan Designer Leather Dog Collar with Old Bronze Look Decor Do you want your Dog to look fancy and elegant? Get this elegant leather collar...
$52.99... more info
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 219 Products)
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