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Dog Leashes

Here you will find different dog leashes at reasonable prices. They are made of the highest quality materials by the best designers. You can choose an item you enjoy from durable walking and training dog leashes, tracking dog leashes, elegant dog show leashes, etc.
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Premium Quality Black Leather Dog Leash for Walking and Training

Super Quality Leather Dog Leash Your dog is a real beast when he pulls the leash? Dream of strong and reliable dog lead that will serve your doggy...
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Easy Fast Grab Dog Pull Tab Leash

Fast Car Grab Leash This Elegant Pull Tab Leash will help you when you want to lead your dog out of the car. Dogs get very excited when you open...
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Nylon Extra Long Dog Leash for Training and Tracking

Best Any-Weather Tracking Leash Professional Nylon Dog Tracking Leash will be your favourite for sure. This 2 ply Nylon Dog Leash will perfectly do...
$19.99... more info

Braided Short Leather Dog Leash - Pull Tab Leash

Maximum Comfort Leather Pull Tab Do you want to control your dog better? Have you ever thought that it would be great to have practical leash which...
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Better Control Short Leather Leash for Dogs

Stitched Leather Short Leash Your dog doesn’t want to obey your orders? This High Quality Leather Short Leash is an excellent tool for taking...
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Multipurpose Leather Dog Leash for over 7 Different Activities

Multimode Leather Dog Leash Your dog leash served well but isn't it the time to get a new one? We have the perfect dog leash to offer you! This...
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Handmade Leather Dog Leash for Walking and Tracking

Soft to Your Hands Luxurious Leather Dog Leash Your old leash doesn’t look good any more? The leather cracked or it even ripped? Your hands are in...
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Upgraded Ultimate Professional Leather Dog Leash

Experience Ultimate Quality with this Upgraded Professional Leash & Feel Secure with Your Dog! Sometimes money is not the issue. I hope that you...
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Fast Handling Choke Dog Collar Leash Combo

Extremely Convenient Leash and Collar Combination Save your time by using the Fast Walking Leash/Choke Collar Combination. Take your dog on a walk...
$29.99... more info
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 60 Products)

A Leash is One of the Most Used Dog Tools

If you have some questions, contact us and we will provide you with additional information.
Learn how to choose a dog leash here. Leashes are of course a necessary tool for anyone who shares their life with a dog and doesn’t live a completely secluded life. Using them correctly will make life easier and happier for both you and your dog! Everyday activity with your canine is impossible without dog leashes, especially because they are required by law in most places. The purpose of the dog leash is to keep the dog over control, preventing the animal from chasing or performing some damaging/dangerous action to himself or to the surroundings.

Train your dog to walk correctly

In order to simplify the process of walking or training, first, you should choose that very model that will suit your dog depending on his size, temperament, breed and level of training. There are many types of leashes available in our store. So you are free to check all of them before you make the right choice.

Leather Pitbull Pull Tab with brass snap hook

Leather Pitbull Pull Tab for better control

Leashes play a very important role in the average pet dog’s life, but, unfortunately, the majority of pet dog owners don’t use them correctly. So, it is extremely important to learn how to operate with the leash in a proper way to gain result you are expecting from its use. Every dog owner needs their dog to understand how to walk nicely on a leash for emergency situations, vet visits, guest visits, etc.Your main task as an owner to do your best to help your pet to adopt to be handled on a leash. The canine should not consider putting the leash on as something unpleasant. Otherwise, he will always be ready to escape and it will be difficult to “catch” your dog. The key is to teach your dog from as early as possible that the leash is a good thing, meant for safety purposes only. A leash is not means of punishment.
Start by working in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Either don’t put the leash on your dog and start working on the things you want your dog to know when he’s on a leash (like walking politely next to you, sitting, or heeling), or put the leash on but don’t allow yourself to use it to control your dog. The leash should always be loose – there should always be slack and it should form a U-shape instead of being completely tight. Remember: the leash is a safety net only, in case your dog goes totally off course! Train your dog systematically and after the dog gets used to the leash proceed to practice in the different environments.

Let`s learn all the variety of leashes available in our store.

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Waterproof Nylon Beagle Leash

Nylon Beagle Leash with Non-corrosive Fittings

Leather and nylon leashes, choke collar and leash combos, cord dog leash, retractable leads, pull tabs, lead meant for dog shows - there seem to be endless choices of tools you can use to walk your dog. Before you purchase, it is important to be aware of how much time you will be spending on walks with your new pooch. Canine cuties need a brisk outing when they wake up, and rigorous exercise in the evening. Now that walking your dog will be an important part of your daily routine, evaluate which kind of leash would be the best fit for your type of dog. Selecting the right kind of leash is imperative since it is the most frequently used tool you will rely upon. Learn what kind of leash will best help you train your pup so that walking will be a joy and not a chore.

Universal Leashes for Walking and Training

Looking for a reliable handling tool that is strong enough to withstand your dog's power? Have a look at
Leather Dog Leash, that is a top seller due to its incredible strength and perfect serviceability. Hurry up to check this Long Nylon Leash, if you need a tool for tracking, training or patrolling work. It is also a good choice for everyday use especially if your pet adores outdoor activities at any weather. Waterproof stuff is resistant to oil, sweat and odors. Nylon doesn't stretch or fade, it keeps its shape perfectly.

The advantages of Nylon Leashes:

  • Durable, timeproof material;
  • Quality, reliable snap hook made of brass, which won’t get rusted and won’t break.
  • Easy to care for: well washed, dries quickly;
  • Keeps its color perfectly;
  • Doesn’t stretch;
  • Resistant to water;
  • Incredibly low price.

If you are eager to add a little fashion into your pet's daily walks, then check
Decorated leashes
. There several models among which you will surely select the accessory that can underline your pet's merits and personality. For example, this Handmade Leather Dog Leash with Braids is the best example of great design and superb quality. This kind of leash is lightweight and comfortable, as well as practicable. Elegant design will attract much attention to your dog. This leather leash with braids will help him to stand out among other pets.

Multimode Lead for Any Purpose

Try this Multimode Leather Dog Leash available for usage in 7 various modes. Thus, you can use it as usual leash, short leash, waist lead, coupler and in three more modes. If you are seeking for perfection, this leash will do never better as it is very hard-wearing, affordable and universal.

Leash and Collar Combo

This Dog Leash and Choke Collar Combo is a leash and collar in one. It is required in the Agility Sport. If you do not keep a collar on your dog and need a quick way to put a lead on for a walk - this is the perfect lead! You can adjust the neck size to fit any size dog! Special leather stopper for adjustment moves easily due to its wax covering.

Have you got 2 or 3 dogs? Is it somewhat uncomfortable for you to walk both of them simultaneously? Forget it! This Dog Coupler would perfectly solve the problem of tangled leashes when walking your furry company.

coupler dog leash for leading two dogs at the same time on the same leash

Retractable leashes

Make walking your dog safer and give him more freedom when on a retractable leash. You will appreciate the benefits of it when using the leash during everyday walking. Dog trainers worldwide approved this equipment, among other reasons, thanks to its main characteristic of being visible at night. Its reliable design provides extra safety for your dog at dark time, the effective braking system, comfortable handle and rustproof snap hook will serve you long. Neon-shimmering nylon will be perfectly visible even at night, besides it's wet-resistant and lightweight. Don't deprive your beloved pet from freedom on a leash, let him explore the world.

Comfortable handling is a key to good mood

  • Super comfort for handler's palm. Leather padded handle provides you with an extra comfort when you walk your dog. This leash won’t cause rubs or cuts on your palm.
  • Easy use: the snap hook (almost every model are equipped with )is extremely easy to attach to your dog’s collar.
  • Most leashes come in a number of colors and sizes. So you have an opportunity to make an ideal choice.

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Braided Leather Dog Short Leash

Braided Leather Dog Short Leash for walking

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