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FMBB 2024 Training Equipment

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1.4 lbs (650 g) Wooden Dog Training Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

Top Grade Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Training Reliable and Safe Training with Wooden Dog Dumbbell Time for retrieving! It is a handy skill that...
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'Daily Training' Wooden Dog Dumbbell with Plastic Removable Plates for Schutzhund Training II 1000 g

Resistant Wood&Plastic Dumbbell for Professional Schutzhund Dog Training II Wanna get an exciting fetching tool for your canine? Do you experience...
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Dog Bite Pad Made of Jute with 3 Handles

Upgraded Dog Bite Pillow for Training your Pet We are happy to introduce you our new model of dog bite training equipment. Our Dog Bite Pillow was...
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'Route to Success' White Training Dog Dumbbell of Wood and Plastic 2000 g (2 kg)

Retrieve Training Dog Dumbbell Click on the pictures to see bigger image German Shepherd with Schutzhund III Wooden Dog Dumbbell during...
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'Rugby Match' French Linen Dog Bite Tug - Large Size ( 15 cm * 30 cm)

Large Synthetic Dog Tug-Toy for Bite Training Is your dog the best that happened in your life? So he/she deserves a little present - "Rugby Game"...
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Agitation Stick Ideal For Schutzhund Dog Training

Better Training with Agitation Stick Click on the pictures to see bigger image Ideal Agitation Training Dog Stick - Comfy to Hold If you want to...
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Dog bite developer for safe and effective training

Primary Puppy Bite Builder Start Training your Puppy Now with this Bite Developer and You will be Amazed with the Results! Do you feel it is time...
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Dog Bite Sleeve of Jute Material for Effective and Safe Training

New Age Dog Bite Sleeve Fabricated of Jute ForDogTrainers knows what's best for dogs and their effective training and safety of the trainer. This...
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Dog Training Agitation Whip - 30% DISCOUNT

Schutzhund Agitation Whip Professional Dog Training Whip will become reliable assistant in everyday trainings with your future champion. If you train...
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 18 Products)
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