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Studded Dog Collars

Looking for a dog collar for your four-legged friend? Please, note that an everyday dog collar can range from classical smooth to posh and decorative, depending on your dog's lifestyle. Does the variety of collars make your head go round?
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"A La Mode" 3/4 Inch (20 mm) Wide Studded Leather Dog Collar for Walking in Style

Stylish Dog Collar Made of Top Quality Leather for Walking in Style Looking for a fashionable dog accessory? Follow all modern trends and want your...
$21.99... more info

"Antique Flowers" Decorated Leather Dog Collar with Chrome Plated Round Studs 4/5 inches (20 mm) Wide

Attractive design leather dog collar with old-style studs Do you want to add some zest to your dog's appearance? Do you consider your pet to be...
$21.99... more info

"Beauty & Elegance" Leather Dog Collar with Cones Made of Chrome Plated Steel

Soft genuine leather dog collar with exclusive pyramids Do not let your dog follow the opinion of the crowd! Isn't he a dog who wears the most...
$21.99... more info

"Blazing Stars" Leather Dog Collar with Stars and Cones - 4/5 inch (25 mm)

Incredibly Designed Dog Collar for Walking in Style Provide your doggy with the things he is worth of! Make him stand out of the crowd with this...
$27.99... more info

"Boho Style" Adorned Leather Dog Collar with Massive Brass Studs - 1 1/4 inch (30 mm) Wide

Beautifully Decorated Dog Collar for Daily Walking Make your beloved dog look like a royalty! Provide him with the best quality supplies! This Collar...
$35.99... more info

"Catchy Look" Decorated Leather Dog Collar with Spikes and Studs

Description Wide Leather Spiked Dog Collar Hand Crafted by Professionals This Collar Is Extra Wide - Almost 1 1/2 Inch -...
$54.99... more info

"Comfy Width" 3 inch Studded Leather Dog Collar

Studded Leather Collar for powerful dogs Your dog is strong and massive? Then you probably search for personalized leather dog collar, that will...
$98.99... more info

"Cosmic Stars" Narrow Studded Dog Collar Necklace with Chrome Plated Studs

Genuine leather dog collar with old-style studs Are you a fan of "Star wars" movie? Do you want to bring the style of space travelers into your...
$21.99... more info

"Galaxy Pyramids" Adorned Leather Dog Collar

'Star System' Design Leather Dog Collar We all estimate things by how they look, aren't we? When we see something that attracts our eyes, we want to...
$64.99... more info
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 51 Products)
Here, in this category, you may find a wide range of decorated dog collars with lots of helpful information to make the right choice. You may choose leather dog collar with skulls, leather dog collar with stars, leather dog collar with studs, leather dog collar with spikes, leather dog collar with pyramids and leather dog collar with stones.

Choosing a dog collar is not an easy task

Whether the collar is leather or nylon, it is equally beautiful and of premium quality. FDT collars come decorated with different studs, pyramids, cones, plates, and spikes. Nothing beats the fashion look of such dog collar. The FDT web store carries probably the best selection of unique dog collars for both medium and large dogs, as well as designer studded dog collars featuring brass plated, chrome plated and nickel plated studs. For everyday use or a night out, your favorite pet is sure to stand out from the crowd. Order one of our adorned dog collars below and let your dog make a statement!

Designer dog collars are manufactured in an amazing variety of materials. One of the most popular materials is the leather one. Below read some helpful info about its advantages.

Leather Dog Collar with Studs

Decorated Leather Dog Collar with Studs

Leather Dog Collars

Leather collars are the most durable and comfortable ones for everyday use. Leather collars come in all sizes and styles, from tiny accessories to big sturdy working dogs' gear. The leather strap can be smooth and plain, colored and decorated with spikes, studs or plates. Smooth and plain collars are used in training and as outdoor collars where strength and durability are important. However, there are some cases when it is not recommended to buy leather dog collars.

DO! Buy leather for daily walking on any size dog.

DO! Buy leather for hard working and hard playing dogs.

DON'T! Buy leather for dogs that enjoy spending a lot of time in the water, especially salt water.

It is also important to mention that our craftsmen use only perfectly oiled full grain genuine leather, which is some of the strongest leather material as it comes from the toughest top layer of the hide. So, the dog collar made of full grain leather will serve your four-legged friend for many years.

Studded Leather Dog Collars

Though collars for dogs have to be practical accessories with an important function, that doesn't mean they have to be plain or dull. Enjoy your pet's everyday wear! Buy one of our studded leather dog collars! Spruce your pet up for a special occasion or express your dog's personality while walking. Your canine will be spotted miles away due to adorned leather dog collar. Add the matching lead to complete the set.

Our decorated leather dog collars come in a variety of sizes and widths, so they are ideal for any pet. You may choose any width of the dog collar from 4/5 inch (20 mm) to 1 1/2 inch (40 mm).

Product Features

  • Soft, durable genuine leather
  • Extra strong and comfortable
  • Extra thick leather layer
  • Studs fixed with rivets
  • Buckle style nickel/brass plated closure
  • Strong D-ring for leash attachment

Each decorated dog collar is made of full grain genuine leather. It makes the gear strong and supple, ensuring longevity and your dog's comfort. The collar is completed with a classic design buckle and D-ring for easy removal and leash attachment. There are five colors to choose from: black, brown, tan, pink and white.

All the metal hardware, used for producing dog collars, is made of brass, chrome or nickel plated steel, which means they are durable, rust resistant, and the most important, safe for pet's health. We test all of our collars for dogs to ensure that they are safe and comfortable for our four-legged friends to wear. This is why our products are recommended by professional dog trainers, behaviorists and vets.

Leather Dog Collar with Studs

Decorated Leather Dog Collar with Studs

As for the studs… They come in a variety of metals and shapes. You may find a leather collar with pyramids, stars, cones, skulls, embossed or plain half-balls, round or square studs. The adornments are made of brass, chrome or nickel plated steel. So, they are safe for your dog's health and match perfectly with the hardware.

Sizing a designer leather dog collar

If it is your first time when you buy adorned leather dog collar or you simply have some hesitation about its width and size, get acquainted with some helpful information about how to choose a dog collar. To find the best fit leather collar, always check the sizing guide available on each product page. If you still need some help, feel free to contact the FDT Support Team.

Studded Nylon Dog Collars

If you are in this category, that means you are tired of simple and plain dog collars. But sometimes your dog's temper and habits makes you be more attentive and selective when choosing a dog gear. So, if you like extraordinary dog supplies but your dog is crazy about water, we would like to offer a studded nylon dog collar. Nylon is a versatile and affordable way to collar your dog. But it doesn't mean that nylon dog collars can't be attractive and stylish. Get one of our adorned nylon dog collars. Select among a nylon dog collar with studs, a nylon dog collar with cones, a nylon dog collar with spikes and a nylon dog collar with plates. All studded dog collars are fastened with a classical buckle, made of chrome or nickel plated steel. One more advantage you get with the nylon dog collar is the ability to wash the gear. Please be advised, we do not recommend to use the washing machine for dirty studded nylon dog collars. We can't give you any guarantees as regards the state of the studs after washing procedure.

When do professionals recommend to use nylon dog collar?

DO! Buy nylon for everyday wear on any size dog.

DO! Buy nylon for dogs that spend lots of time in the water.

Nylon Dog Collar with Studs

Nylon Dog Collar with Silver-Like Studs

NB! A collar is part of a dog's identity, as it is one of the few things that really belong to him/her! In this great variety choose the one that suits your dog's character and temper.

Please be advised! Never leave your pet with a studded dog collar necklace on without your supervision. It may be caught with some object and get injured or it may damage the gear with its paws. Take the gear off and let your pet have some rest.

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