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Leather Bite Tugs

Are you a dog owner who is dreaming about super strong grip of precious canine? Then check leather bite tugs presented on the page. It is high-quality equipment that is a guarantee of the best results and safety during training.
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Dog Bite Tag ( Dog Bite Tug ) Made of Leather with 1 Handle

Super Durable Leather Bite Tug with 1 Handle Don’t you think that it is reasonable to use that training equipment that is recommended by...
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Soft Leather Pocket Toy with Two Handles

Pocket Toy for Training your Puppy If you want to have a dog that will be able to protect you, but at the same time won’t cause you more troubles,...
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Dog Bite Rag Made of Genuine Leather

Extra Durable Dog Bite Training Rag The leather dog bite rag is a perfect dog training equipment that is used for training puppies or young dogs....
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"Pro Bite Pillow" with Leather Cover for Advanced Dog Training

Leather Covered Dog Bite Pillow for Fruitful Training Is it time to start real Pro training of your Canine? Are you looking for a decent training...
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'Firm Bite' Leather Tug for Young Dog Training

Advanced Training with Dog Bite Tug Leather-Made Are you looking for quality bite tug young dog training? Do you want it to be soft, comfortable to...
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Excellent Drive and Retrieve Building Tool - Leather Dog Bite Tug w/h 1 Handle

Professional Training Dog Bite Tug Leather-Made If you are on this page then probably you are looking for a decent retrieve and drive building tool....
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Handcrafted Leather Dog Bite Tag ( dog bite tug )

Properly Stuffed Dog Bite Tug Click on the pictures to see bigger image Quality Leather Bite Tug for American Bulldog You are tired of surfing...
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Hard Leather Pocket Toy Tug with Two Handles

Convenient Leather Dog Bite Tug Fordogtrainers company offers a wide range of equipment for puppy training. We want to introduce you one more...
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Leather Cylinder Bite Roll

Made in Europe from high-quality leather material that is both durable and tear-resistant, these bite pillows are perfect for puppies and young dogs...
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 13 Products)
Teach your dog to bite, develop prey drive and build stronger grip with our bite tugs made of genuine leather, known for its durability. Order small pocket toy or huge leather tug, retrieve bite rag or bite pillow for advanced training. Every model features increased strength due to proper side stitching and comfort to use for the handler. 1, 2 or even 3 handles - choose the tug according to your preferences. Buy leather bite tug and your dog will surely wait for every training session that brings so much fun to both of you and your doggie.

Why should I train my dog with the help of bite tugs

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Stitched Bite Tug with Two Handles

Quality Leather Bite Tug for American Bulldog

Bite tug is the tool that should be in every dog owner's house, as it can be helpful for various activities with your canine, including bite grip developing, retrieve training, prey drive activity. Training is not just a set of repeated exercises but it is also an interaction that is meant to build positive and healthier relationship and increase the bond between you and your pet. Being a perfect training aid, tugs can also be an excellent rewarding item during training or just funny games. Training with bite tugs and pads motivates a dog for good behavior, allows you to foster a relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and respect.
The other reason we recommend you to train the dog with bite tugs it is the perfect way to teach your dog basic life skills, such as retrieve and bite ones. Teaching your dog good manner and providing him/her with enough mental and physical exercise will prevent developing anxiety and other stress-related behaviors such as destructive chewing, inappropriate barking and aggressive display.

Professional Use or Daily Funny Walks

Leather bite tugs are used by professional dog trainers worldwide. So ForDogTrainers is glad to offer you a wide range of models to satisfy any customer's needs. With our bite tugs training is no training anymore, for both you and your dog it is a joyful pastime that will give you the best results. It fits for everyday use and tugging games as well.
Note that it is better to use leather tugs for the training of experienced dogs, as this material is rather hard to bite. The dog's teeth easily slide the surface of leather and the canine has to make efforts to close the jaws stronger to hold the tug in his mouth. So very soon you 'll be surprised with the strength of your dog's grip!
Leather is natural, safe and strong, reliable for long term use. It is a perfect dog bite training tool!

Best for:

  • Building Grip
  • Working with harder temperament dogs
  • Tugging games that make use of grip
  • Drive work

Check how You Can Use This Tug / Our Video

Variety of Tugs for any age and level

The leather tug products became the unchangeable things in the training and sport. Also much depends on the age of the dog. That is why the size matters. In our store bite tugs are available in various sizes. We also offer bite pads and rags. You will also find the tool with 1, 2 or 3 handles.

Prey drive in adult dogs is recommended to build with small tugs. Such bite tugs are available with 1 or 2 handles. The goal of drive building with a small tug is to move it around your legs and body at a speed that the dog can not get it. Short quick movements make a dog move fast. Exercises of this kind help to develop drive.

Using the long tugs work for training puppies or young dogs because they are not so quick as adult. Long or large bite tugs are the easier for a puppy to grab.

Dog training pad is the newest investigation of our specialists! They are designed for professional bite dog training and for retrieve skills improvement. The leather bite pad gives the perfect bite experience due to its material and slippery surface.

Prey drive is greatly stimulated with this leather bite rag, aimed to develop your dog's biting skills and proper grip. Made of genuine leather, the rag is ultra-strong and long-lasting. It will serve for a great while even if used on a daily basis!

If your dog is older than 11 months, Hard Leather Rolled Tug is created especially for your pet! It is rather hard so that the canine can't grab the tug with his teeth firmly without applying extra efforts. Made of genuine leather, a strong and tear-proof material, this tool is ideal to build a strong grip and develop your pet's biting skills. Aside from durable stuff, the item is heavily stitched not to let your little doggie tear it easily.

Check how our products look on the dogs / Our Video

Safety Measures

Do not allow your dog to chew on the tug or keep the tug after the training session has finished. When tugs are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

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