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Kennel Accessories

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Soft Grip Rubber Grooming Brush - KA10

Rubber Brush for regular usage Do you want your doggie to look great everyday? Then it’s time to try this Comfy Rubber Brush ! It won’t slip out...
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"Green Abyss" Collapsible Polymer Dog Bowl (Small Size)

Durable and Foldable Dog Bowl This Collapsible Polymer dog bowl is very portable and convenient for feeding your pet with both food and water. It...
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"Look Beautiful" Metal Brush Equipped with Plastic Handle

Durable Dog Brush for Combing Wool Do you spend a lot of time combing and brushing your dog? Is it take so much time? We think the answer's probably...
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"Personal Groomer" - Dog Nail Trimmer with Vinyl Handles and Stop

"Do it at Home" Dog Nail Trimmer with Stop and Fixator Your dog suffers from pain when walking because of too long toenails? You are sick and tired...
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"Stylish Look" Metal Brush for Dog with Plastic Handle

The Best Dog Brush for Combing Wool Each owner loves his dog and is ready to do everything so that he feels happy and comfortable. If you want your...
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"Tidy Look" Wooden Brush/Comb With Metal Teeth

Simple Wooden Brush with Comfortable Handle for Your Dog! Regular and timely brushing relaxes the dog who's used to it, and it becomes a special...
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Balsam for Leather Care

Leather Care Balsam for Shining Look Is your dog's leather harness, a collar or a muzzle losing its shining look? Do you want to renew the product...
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Bone Shaped Personalized Engraving ID tag

Sophisticated Design to Make Your Dog Happier Check out this exclusive engraving plate for your doggy! You can engrave your dog’s name, dog owner...
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Bristle Dog Brush for Everyday Grooming 'Brush & Go'

Shiny Dog Coat with Bristle Brush Are you in search of quality grooming tools that will help your dog's hair look shiny and healthy ? This page...
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 25 Products)
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