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Dog Hidden Sleeves

Get professional equipment for dog bite training! Advanced training requires the highest level of protection! FDT is glad to offer you Hidden Dog Bite Sleeves that will become a guarantee of the trainer's safety during heavy duty bite work.
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Dog Hidden Protection Bite Sleeve for Trainers

Hidden Dog Bite Sleeve - Durable French Linen Material Is it the right time to start your dog's training on advanced level? We are happy to help...
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Ambidextrous Hidden Bite Protection Sleeve Made of Jute

Hidden sleeve made of extra strong jute material. This dog bite training equipment is perfect for both arms. The dog bite arm sleeve can be used for...
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Hidden Protection Bite Sleeve for Professional Dog Training

Hidden sleeve made of extra strong french linen material. The dog bite protection sleeve can be left or right. This dog arm sleeve can be used or the...
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 Products)
Here you will find the hidden dog bite sleeves manufactured of dog-safe and tear-resistant jute and extra strong synthetic French Linen. Designed and tested by professional dog trainers! Durable material protects the arm from dog bites, ergonomic design allows very flexible arm movement. Presented models are ambidextrous - fit left and right arm. An ideal choice for guard training, protection training, K9 and police training. Order practicable and sturdy supply.

Professional Protection Training with Hidden Protection Bite Sleeves

Protection training or bite work is considered to be the most difficult dog training tasks. It requires proper protective gear made from materials that will offer perfect protection for the trainer. Dog bite protection sleeve is must-have equipment on the way to successful bite skills developing and it is also indispensable for protection training. French Linen Ambidextrous Bite Dog Sleeve is a perfect choice for achieving great results in bite training. It is very durable and easy for the dog to get a grip. Dog protection sleeves give a great avenue of exercising and training. This bite sleeve is called "hidden" because it is intended to wear under the clothes. For effective protection training, it is very important to let your dog understand that he should bite and protect his owner not only if trainer (in ordinary life - aggressor of any kind) has a bite sleeve on his arm. Perfect for training that will create true-to-life situation.

When to use Hidden Bite Sleeves:

  • dog guard training
  • police training
  • protection training
  • special units training

Take Advantage from Using Our Dog Bite Training Equipment

Great flexibility. Dog Bite Protection Sleeve follows the arm lines appropriately and is rather flexible not to restrict the trainers' motions. It is very helpful for developing natural instincts of the pet.
Adjustability. The item has Velcro straps that make it adjustable. You can easily regulate the straps to fit your arm anatomic in the best way.
Ambidextrous. For better comfort, this accessory is ambidextrous - fits left and right arm.

You are guaranteed to have premium quality equipment for perfect protection and safety!

Our store offers you to choose between Jute Dog Sleeve and Bite Dog Sleeve Made of French Linen. Tear- and bite-resistant materials ensure great durability and make the items long-lasting and time-proof. It is impossible to bite the gear through, so your arm is protected in the best way.

What about safety of your dog.

Either natural Jute or French Linen is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. These materials are absolutely safe for the health of your pet. The items crafted of jute or French Linen will not damage your canine's teeth.

NB! Hidden protection sleeve is not suitable for puppies, but for young and adult dogs - perfect, especially for those who serve in Police and other special units.

Note! A hidden protection dog sleeve is intended to be used by professional trainers. If you are an experienced trainer and going to use this product, it is you who bear full responsibility during training! Please, follow all recommendations of professional trainers, thus nor you, neither your dog will be hurt!

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