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NEW ARRIVALS - Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff in a harness

From history of the breed:

The Kennel Club admitted Bullmastiff breed (at that time the breed name was written as "Bull-Mastiff") in 1924, however it was formed much earlier. The dog was called "The Keeper's Night Dog" ("the night dog of rangers"), "Mastiff mixed with Bulldog", "Large-sized Bulldog" or "small half-breed of Mastiff."

Country of origin: England

General appearance:
Powerful proportional body, that represents great strength; not bulky, but tough and active dog.

Height and weight:

Height at the withers: Males 63,5-68,5 cm, Females 61-66 cm. Weight: Males 49.9 kg, Females 41 -49 kg.

Similar to square. The index of the format - 102-104.

Short and rough, weather resistant taut coat

Any shade of brindle, pale or reddish, however must be clean and without impurities. Small white spot on chest is acceptable. White spots in other places is a defect. The dark mask is required, with typical edging around the eyes, making special expression.

Studded leather muzzle
The head is large and square when viewed from any angle, with a few wrinkles when the dog is watchful, but if the dog is calm - they disappear. The girth of skull should be equal to the height at the withers. The skull is broad and deep with well developed cheekbones and distinct stop from the forehead to the muzzle. The muzzle is short; the distance from the tip of the nose to the stop from the forehead to the muzzle is one-third of the total head length from tip of the nose to the occiput.

Eyes are dark or hazel in color, medium-sized, widely set - to the width of the muzzle and separated by median furrow. Light or yellow eyes - is a defect.

V-shaped, pendant, widely and highly set on the line of the occiput, making the skull square in shape that is very important. The ears should be small and darker in color than the body. When the dog is watchful the ends of the ears are at the eye level. "Rose-shaped" ears are not allowed.

The bite is direct, however it can have small overbite, but it is not desirable. The fangs are large, placed wide apart, the other teeth are strong, straight, properly set.

With a good curve, moderate in length, very muscular; the girth is almost equal to the circumference of the skull.

The back is short and straight, making a dog look compact, but not so short as to limit the free movement of the dog. Soft and sunken back - are the defects.

The chest is broad, deep, well omitted, with deep chest bone.

Gorgeous Leather Harness
Set high, strong at the base, tapering at the tip; reaches the hock joint in length, keeps straight or slightly curved, but not similar to the Hound manner. The broken tail is a defect.

The widely set forelimbs are strong and straight with sturdy bone present even frontal part. The pasterns are strong and steep. The hind limbs are strong and muscled with well expressed calves, demonstrating strength and activity, but without a trace of awkwardness. The hock joints are slightly sloping.

Attractive features:

Bullmastiff is a silent, menacing guard who has a great strength, dexterity, speed and determination. This is a wonderful friend of the family; it is kind and reliable. This is a massive, a bit stocky, but not bulky dog combining grandeur with kindness and courage with gentleness.

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