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New Stainlees Steel Choke Collar with Stopper for Dog Training in Germany )

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  • Model: HS17#1073 50906 (55) Choke collar


Stainless Steel Dog Choke Collar with a stopper

You want to train your dog but do not know what to start with? Dog equipment is a very important part in dog's training. It should be of the right size and of the right functionality to be effective in your difficult task, especially if you have a dog with problems in behavior. That is why we would like to bring to your attention this new Stainless Steel Dog Choke Collar. It has a look of a long chain with two O-rings on both ends, clasping the dog's neck like a noose. The thing that differs this particular Choke Collar from the huge number of other choke chains is that this one has a stopper. It is a metal part, Sprenger marked, by means of which you can adjust the extent to which the collar will form the loop. Choke Collar was designed in such a way for the dog not to choke, but to press its brachial nerve. Thus it attracts dog's attention without harming it.

Best training results with New Stainlees steel  Choke dog collar

New Stainless Steel Choke Dog Collar

However, training your dog with a Choke Chain has its pattern:

  • the O-ring must be on the top of the dog's neck (it mustn't be under the dog's neck, as it will tighten but not loose, causing various problems)
  • with the help of the leash, handled to the O-ring, you should tighten the collar and make it loose again
  • after tightening you must quickly release the collar to achieve the proper training effect
If you use your collar correctly you will be greatly impressed with the results.

To choose the proper size of your dog's Choke Chain, you need to measure your dog's neck circumference and add 2 or 3 inches. The collar must be of such size that you can easily pass your fingers through it.

Please, check the table to choose correct size of the Collar
Sizes available Dog's neck size
16 inch (40 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 13-14 inch (33-35 cm)
18 inch (45 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 15-16 inch (38-40 cm)
20 inch (50 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 17-18 inch (43-45 cm)
22 inch (55 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 19-20 inch (48-50 cm)
24 inch (60 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 21-22 inch (53-55 cm)
26 inch (65 cm)? will do for your dog with neck size of 23-24 inch (58-60 cm)
28 inch (70 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 25-26 inch (63-65 cm)

Key features of this Dog Choke Collar:

  • made of stainless steel
  • corrosion, rust and stain proof
  • better breaking load
  • serves longer due to its extra quality material
  • a stopper, adjusting the extent of the loop
  • great aesthetic look
  • super strength

Intended use of this Dog Choke Collar:

  • dog training
  • walking

Sizes available:

  • see the table of sizes


  • stainless steel

The weight depends on the size of the collar and can be from 2.5 oz to 3.8 oz (70 g - 110 g).

As this Choke Collar is made of Stainless steel we thought that you may be interested in more detailed information concerning this metal. Due to the small percent of chromium contained in the structure, Stainless Steel doesn't corrode, rust or stain under influence of water or humidity. It also much stronger than the usual steel and has a better breaking load. That is why this metal also used in architecture, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The chains of this Stainless Choke Dog Collar are marked with metal label and red tag that guarantee the highest quality provided by Herm Sprenger.

Just look again to the key features of this Choke Chain. Isn't it amazing? However, except a great quality Choke Collar you will get an excellent tool for training your dog. It doesn't make harm, it doesn't lose its wonderful look, it is easy in usage! And all this for a very moderate price! Intrigued, aren't you? Do not hesitate in buying this product because you will not be disappointed!

New Stainlees steel Choke dog collar is in huge  demand

Stopper on Dog Choke Collar

However, we are to warn you, that this Choke Chain can serve you correctly and well if you use it in a proper way:

  • Choose the size of the Choke Chain according to our recommendations
  • Follow the instructions offered or ask a dog trainer about how to use this Choke Chain
  • Never leave your pet unattended as something may hook the collar and harm your dog
  • Use your collar only for certain purposes; if worn all the time, the dog will get used to it and will not react properly so the collar will not fulfill its functions as it is necessary.
We would also like to offer you this Leather Dog Leash with Stainless Steel Snap Hooks that will perfectly match your new collar.

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Brian Schlueter, Missouri, USA
Date added review: 31/10/2016
Ok. Thank You! I received the new one today.

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