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Handmade Leather Dog Leash for Walking and Tracking

Soft to Your Hands Luxurious Leather Dog Leash Your old leash doesn’t look good any more? The leather cracked or it even ripped? Your hands are in...
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Agitation Leather Dog Harness Padded

Perfect Training Harness with Soft Chest Padding Click on the pictures to see bigger image Agitation/Attack Training Leather Dog Harness on...
$84.99... more info

Dog Training agitation whip - TE15 - perfect for Schutzhund training

Make your Dog Stronger Click on the pictures to see bigger image Make Dog Training More Successful with Agitation Dog Whip If you train service,...
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Short Leather Dog Leash Pull Tab

Short Leather Dog Pull Tab Short leather dog leash also known as pull tab or traffic lead. This is one of the cool dog leashes because its gentle...
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Agitation Stick Ideal For Schutzhund Dog Training - 30% DISCOUNT

Better Training with Agitation Stick Click on the pictures to see bigger image Ideal Agitation Training Dog Stick - Comfy to Hold If you want to...
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2 inch (5 cm) Solid Rubber Dog Ball Small Size for Training and Retrieving

Solid Rubber Ball for your pet We offer you this Rubber Dog Ball Small Size , made of solid rubber, because we are more than sure, that your dog...
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Nylon Tracking Dog Lead for Any Weather

Dog Nylon Leash For Training and Tracking This flexi lead leash is made of the strong material, so when your dog pulls you can be sure the puppy...
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Dog Bite Tug of Natural Hypoallergic Jute Material

Develop your dog's inborn skills with the help of this DOG BITE TUG Click on the pictures to see bigger image Quality Stitched Bite Training Tug...
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Multimode Leather Dog Leash for Various Purposes

Leather Leash suitable for many activities with the dog We are happy to present you one of the most Multifunctional Leather Leashes , available in...
$44.99... more info
Displaying 28 to 36 (of 4213 Products)
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