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"Personal Groomer" - Dog Nail Trimmer with Vinyl Handles and Stop


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  • Model: KA1##1073 New dog nail clipper


"Do it at Home" Dog Nail Trimmer with Stop and Fixator

Your dog suffers from pain when walking because of too long toenails?
You are sick and tired of visiting a groomer every month or even more often?
Get this Safe and Comfortable in Use Dog Nail Trimmer and won't only get rid of all these problems, but you will also save your money and time.

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Durable Steel Dog Nail Trimmer Easy Grip

Durable Nail Trimmer for Dogs

Due to the special stop that this nail dog trimmer is equipped with, you will be able to regulate the length of the nail that you want to snip off. The handles are covered with vinyl that prevents your hands from sliding.

The item that you need so much is almost in your hands! Don't miss a chance to get it right now at a reasonable price.

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Nail Trimmer for Dog with Vinyl Handles

Safe Nail Trimmer for Dogs and Puppies

Key features of this Dog Nail Trimmer:

  • sharp steel blades
  • stop for cutting fixed nail length
  • special fixator to keep the blades shot when not used
  • reliable vinyl handles

Intended use of this Dog Nail Trimmer:

  • clipping dog's claws


  • 5 inches (13 cm) - total length
  • 2 1/5 inches (5.5 cm) - total width


  • steel blades
  • vinyl handles

Dog Nail Trimmer is a "must-have" item nearly of every dog owner. Don't let your dog feel discomfort during walking or training. Trim his nails with this Durable and Safe Dog Nail Trimmer and let your pet enjoy his past time with you and play joyfully with other dogs.

The stop of this nail trimmer will help you to clip the needed length of your dog's nail, thus avoid injury of the quick (the blood vessel that runs down the nail).

Don't be afraid to trim your dog's nails. Remember that untrimmed nails may cause much more suffering.

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Safe Dog Nail Trimmer Solid Steel with Vinyl Handles

Safe Dog Nail Trimmer

We recommend!
In order to make the process of trimming more pleasant for you and your dog, please make sure that:
1) your dog is relaxed
2) both you and your dog sit or lie in a comfortable position
3) all four legs of your dog are easily accessible to you
4) you have a styptic powder or cornstarch near at hand in case of quick injury
5) you are not afraid yourself, because your fear can be adopted by your dog and you won't be able to reach your goal.
You may also try to use treats during or before each trimming procedure as well as at the end to praise your dog for a good behavior.

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Dog Nail Trimmer Steel Durable with Vinyl Handles

Safe Nail Trimmer with Vinyl Handles for Dog's Grooming

Mona Baisch, Idaho, USA
Date added review: 21/06/2016
Serves me right for ordering late. The dog won't know the difference, I imagine. I was impressed with the quality of the collar. Merry Christmas

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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