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"Half-Moon" French Linen Dog Bite Tug with Two Handles


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  • Model: TE27#1073 French Linen Bite Tug (7x26x32 cm) 2 handles


Dog Bite Tug with a Loop for Leash Attachment

Do you already have several dog items for successful training of your pet?
Or you just started working with your dog, have you?
In any case, nobody can start without a reliable and efficient dog training equipment. So, pay extra attention to the Innovating Dog Bite Tug Made of Durable French Linen! It has a unique round shape, due to which the biting surface is enlarged. Your canine can bite it from several sides, which makes bite skills training more effective.
Still have some doubts, that your canine needs it? Read more information listed below to get to know more about this incredible gear!

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Dog bite tug with sturdy handles

Dog bite tug with nylon handle

This is a unique design bite tug which will hardly be found on the market of dog training supplies. It's very easy for your canine to bite it, at the same time, this gear is completely safe for his health. Why is it so?
You're offered a huge variety of dog accessories made of French Linen in this store, like this Durable Dog Bite Tug. And no wonder! This high grade material is appreciated by its supreme quality and extreme durability. That's why, this totally New Strong and Reliable Dog Bite Tug is made of French Linen. This stuff corresponds to the International standards for producing dog equipment.

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Strong dog bite tug

French Linen dog bite tug with hard handle

Dog bite tug with nylon loop for leash attachment

Dog bite tug with special loop for leash attachment

Key features of this dog bite tug:

  • Strong French Linen material
  • One hard handle
  • One nylon handle
  • Loop for leash attachment
  • Long-lasting term of use
  • Durable and reliable

Intended use of this dog bite tug:

  • Bite work
  • Efficient training
  • On- and off-leash training

Size and weight available:

  • 2 4/5x10 2/5x12 4/5 inch (7x26x32 cm)
  • Weight - 240 gr


  • French Linen

This high quality dog bite tug is lightweight and easy to hold in your hands. It is made of dog-safe material which will never cause any allergies, irritation or rash. So, your dog's health and teeth are in complete safety.
Have you faced the problem with dog accessories which are easy to bite through and are broken after several times of use?
It's all in the past! This top notch equipment is extra durable and sturdy. It's made to stand your canine's bites. Thanks to its light weight it is easy for you to use as well.

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Dog-safe French Linen bite tug

Finest quality French Linen dog bite tug

Enjoy training and interacting with your pet!
This French Linen dog bite tug has a truly beneficial feature. Because it has two handles for performing different tasks. One handle is made of durable nylon material. On the contrary, second handle is hard and sturdy, so it's very comfortable to hold in your hand.

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Effective training dog bite tug for your dog

Efficient training dog bite tug of French Linen

Moreover, this dog bite accessory has a special loop that works great for attaching a leash. So, you may use this gear for dog's prey drive and retrieve training. Thus, you get multioptional dog equipment with wide sphere of usage, which is made of the finest quality French Linen material.

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French Linen dog bite tug for multiple use

Multitask French Linen dog bite tug

Take a look at dog bite tug in 3D

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