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'Training Is Fun' Wooden Dog Dumbbell with Synthetic Cover 650 g (0.650 kg)


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  • Model: WD15Y1073 Dog Training Dumbbell 650 g (0.650 kg)


Quality Training Dumbbell for Schutzhund Training

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> Schutzhund Dog Training umbbell with Yellow Polimeric Plates

Snapshot During Training - Belgian Malinois with Wooden Dog Dumbbell

A dumbbell is an incredibly important part of the obedience phase of a Schutzhund routine. So, if you need to get one for your pooch at the very beginning of your way, consider this Premium Quality Dumbbell for Schutzhund I. You may be sure that your pet is in complete safety while training sessions as the item is made of totally safe and non-toxic material - dried wood and plastic. In addition, the dumbbell has a synthetic cover. It is meant to make it easier for the dog to grab the dowel by his teeth at the beginning stage of training. Moreover, you can regulate the weight of the dumbbell by means of removable plates. Weight plates are made of a strong polymeric material. Due to it, the weight plates have a precise weight and they are almost indestructible. Therefore, damaging of the plastic parts even after numerous falls is excluded thanks to supreme break-resistance of its components.

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> Schutzhund Training Dog Dumbbell of Dried Wood

Wooden Dog Dumbbell with Yellow Plastic Weight Plates

Key features of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • dried hardwood
  • durable and non-toxic plastic
  • removable polymeric weight plates
  • synthetic cover
  • safe for dog's teeth
  • easy to grab

Intended use of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieve dog training
  • Schutzhund trials

Sizes available:

  • length - 20 cm
  • bell diameter - 12 cm
  • weight - approx. 650 g (0.650 kg)

Available colors:

  • natural wood
  • yellow plates

Please, note the following:

  • In case if weight plates or a dowel are damaged, you can order new ones here!
  • Pay attention that despite of the advantages this dumbbell possesses and a vast experience of its usage while Schutzhund trials, we do not guarantee that your dog will be allowed to compete in Schutzhund.
Furthermore, this dumbbell is ideal for retrieve activities. Being made of bright yellow plastic, it is highly visible. Thus, your dog will easily find it even in the grass. This supply consists of a dowel and weight plates on both sides, which are reliably attached to the item. Your dog can hold the dumbbell firmly, he won't hit his nose when picking it up from the ground. Plastic used for the production of the item is very sturdy. It is not likely to break or damage. Though this tool is made of a non-toxic plastic, it is not designed to be a chew toy and should not be left with an unattended dog.

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> Dog Training Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

First-Rate Dog Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

The dowel is produced of dried wood. It is a natural material that will do no harm your beloved pet in any way. If your pet is a beginner and has never been involved in Schutzhund training, this dumbbell is an ideal one as the dowel has a synthetic cover. Thanks to it, your pet will grab the tool firmly as it will not slide out if his teeth.

Plastic dumbbells are easier to throw as they do not bounce. In addition, special polymeric material guarantees increased durability. No more broken dumbbells from now on!

So, enjoy retrieve and Schutzhund I dog training with this bright plastic dumbbell and forget about broken dumbbells for the rest of your life!

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