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'Route to Success' White Training Dog Dumbbell of Wood and Plastic 2000 g (2 kg)


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  • Model: WD14W1073 Dog Training Dumbbell 2000 g (2 kg)


Retrieve Training Dog Dumbbell

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Dog-safe Wooden Dumbbell Schutzhund III with Removable Plates

German Shepherd with Schutzhund III Wooden Dog Dumbbell during Competition

Do you need the gear that will help to prepare your canine to the advanced level of IPO / Schutzhund III competition?
Then you will not do without professional equipment. As you know, quality and convenient dog supplies influence the results of dog training. Therefore, if you expect successful performance from your canine, do all your best to help to reach it. Providing your pet with first-rate pieces of equipment is an important condition. At this page you are presented a Professional Wooden Dumbbell intended for retrieve and Schutzhund III training. The tool will challenge your dog to the best of its ability as it has removable weight plates. In such a way, you may regulate the weight of the supply in accordance with training needs. Pay attention that weight plates are made of a polymeric material. Due to it, the weight plates have a precise weight and they are almost indestructible.

Please, note the following:

  • In case if weight plates or a dowel are damaged, you can order new ones here!
  • Pay attention that despite of the advantages this dumbbell possesses and a vast experience of its usage while Schutzhund trials, we do not guarantee that your dog will be allowed to compete in Schutzhund.

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> Wooden Dog Dumbbell with Plastic Weight Plates

Wooden Dog Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

Key features of this Dumbbell:

  • Dried hardwood
  • Safe for the dog's teeth
  • Totally non-toxic
  • Plastic removable weight bells
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Well-visible

Intended use of this Dumbbell:

  • Retrieve item training
  • Schutzhund trials

Sizes available:

  • Length - 13 1/5 inch (33 cm)
  • Bell diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • Weight - approx. 4 1/2 lbs (2000 g = 2 kg)

Available colors and Material:

  • Wood and plastic
  • White color

Of course, it is better to see than to hear/read about it. However, we suggest your reading this information to know more about this dumbbell.

This dumbbell is a useful item that may be used while training sessions. Besides, you can use the gear while daily activities with your beloved fur-friend as a retrieve item. The purpose of this accessory is to develop and improve your dog's skills. It can be used for retrieve training and Schutzhund III trials. When using this item, your pet is taught how to pick up or take, hold and carry any object in his mouth. With the help of this gear you can build a proper bite grip as well.

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> Indestructible Dog Dumbbell with Wooden Dowel

Indestructible Dog Dumbbell Will Serve for a Long Time

Ergonomic design.
This durable dumbbell consists of a natural wooden dowel and plastic weight plates. These plates are of white color. Thus, the gear is well-visible everywhere and is more attractive for the pet. Dry hardwood dowel is strong and difficult to break. Don't worry, sharp teeth of your canine won't damage the tool. Materials used for the production of the tool are completely non-toxic and are not likely to cause any allergy or irritation. Furthermore, the surface of the dowel is smooth as it is polished thoroughly. So, your dog won't scratch himself. Removable plates are easy in handling as they can be added or removed easily. In such a way, you can change the weight of the tool for different training purposes. In case if one of the plates or several plates are damaged, you can always replace them with new ones.

Take a Look at dog training dumbbell in 3D

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