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Schutzhund Training Jump/Barrier with Removable "long jump" Frame


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  • Model: TE3021073 Schutzhund Barrier with Removable "long jump" Frame


Light Weight Schutzhund Training Jump/Barrier with Removable "long jump" Frame

Is it not the very essence of practicality and convenience? With this Schutzhund Training Jump/Barrier you get two for the price of one! A standard 3 ft (100 cm) jump/barrier and adjustable long jump obstacle. The training jump/barrier is made of quality aluminum frame and sturdy polymer fabrics! You can easily adjust the height for your needs from 1.6 ft (50 cm) up to 3 ft (100 cm). Teach your dog to jump high step by step, inch by inch.

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Broad jump Aluminum construction Polymer fabrics  Dog Barrier

Flexibility of a polymer ensures safety of your dog in case of collision

On the top of the barrier you can place removable "long jump" frame. It aids in teaching the dog to stretch and kick out his back legs in an effort to avoid touching the obstacle. Each side of a long jump frame is 20 inches (50 cm) long. You can adjust its height and lenght to meet the needs of your training program. In addition, to save your time, you can fold the barrier when you don't need it, instead of taking it off completely.

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Brand New Aluminum/Polyster Dog Barrier for Long Jump Training

You can fold removable "long jump" frame when you don't need it

This barrier is easy to transport, carry, install and adjust! Intuitive nature of the construction prevents any problems during assembling! Quality materials and proper care ensure a long term of usage.

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Aluminum/Polyster Barrier For training with Adjustable/ Removable Top

Schutzhund Dog Training Polymer Jump with Removable "long jump" Frame

Key features of this Schutzhund jump:

  • Reinforced polymer fabrics of high density
  • Aluminum/steel construction
  • Pins to stabilize construction on soft soil
  • Standard dimensions for Schutzhund competition, trial and club training
  • Adjustable height construction - from 1.6 ft to 3 ft, (50 cm - 100 cm)
  • Removable "long jump" frame
  • Overall high quality of parts and assembling
  • Best price on the market for the quality

Intended use of this Schutzhund jump:

  • Schutzhund training
  • Agility training
  • Just for fun


  • Width - 5ft (150 cm)
  • Height (adjustable) - 1.6 ft to 3 ft, (50 cm - 100 cm)
  • Removable "long jump" frame lenth - 1.6 ft (50 cm) each
  • Weight - 20 lbs (9 kg)


  • Polymer fabrics
  • Aluminum racks
  • Steel T-junctions

ForDogTrainers has planed everything down to last detail so you could train your dog with pleasure. We want to keep that special bonds between you and your dog out of any troubles. Now, with this barrier, you shouldn't worry about the weather, transportation, instalation or anything else that could stand on your way to desirable results.

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