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'Retrieve Easy' 1.4 lbs (650 g) Wooden Dog Training Dumbbell with Removable Plastic Yellow Weight Plates


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  • Model: WD12Y1073 Dog Training Dumbbell with Yellow Plates 650 g


Training Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Trials

If you think that it is high time for your dog to master retrieving, pay attention to this Ergonomic Design Dog Dumbbell. Retrieve item training is one of the most important skill for working and obedient canines.

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Trendy Dog Collar with Pirate Design

650 g Dog Dumbbell with Removable Yellow Plastic Plates for Training

This Dog Dumbbell will definitely fit your needs because it has been made in accordance with all international standards. It is perfect for retrieve item training and Schutzhund trials. Thanks to modern ergonomic design and high quality materials, it can become your pet's favorite training supply!
Don't miss the chance to order this Dumbbell right now! Make training sessions more comfy and pleasant!

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Dog Dumbbell with Removable Plates for Training

Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Trials and Agitation Training

Key features of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • dried hardwood
  • hard plastic removable weight plates
  • safe for dog's teeth
  • non-toxic materials

Intended use of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieve item training
  • Schutzhund trials


  • length - 8 inch (20 cm)
  • weight plate diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • weight - approx. 1.4 lbs (650 g)

Available colors:

  • tan wood and yellow weight plates

What you should know about this Dog Dumbbell:

This training supply consists of a dowel and two side reliably attached weight plates. They are situated far away from each other as too little space between them can cause discomfort. Such ergonomic design allows your furry friend to hold the Dumbbell firmly in the mouth and pick it up without hitting his nose. Moreover, the Dumbbell doesn't interfere with the dog's vision, so when holding it a dog can see without any barriers where to head off. The key feature is that you can easily remove them in order to make the Dumbbell more lightweight or to attach heavier weight plates.

The dowel is made of eco-friendly dried hardwood that contains no toxic substances and thus, is safe for your doggy's teeth. The same concerns the plastic weight plates which have pretty yellow color not to be lost in the grass.

Several tips before using this Dog Dumbbell:

  • Be careful choosing a dumbbell for your dog. It is important that the size of the dumbbell should be proportionate to the size of the dog. There are three elements to consider when fitting a dumbbell to your dog: the height of the weight plates, the thickness of the dowel, and the width between the weight plates.
  • If you have any questions regarding the use of training dumbbells, it is recommended to consult a pro trainer.

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