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'Power Lifter' Wood and Plastic Dog Training Dumbbell 2000 g (2 kg) - SchH 3


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  • Model: WD17C1073 Dog Dumbbell with Covered Dowel 2000 g


Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Trials SchH 3

Want your furry champion to show his best at the competitions? Then get ready for Schutzhund Trials! Only hard work is a 100% success, still, training will be more efficient with this Wood and Plastic Dog Dumbbell. Created specially for heavy-duty work, the dumbbell will also be indispensable equipment at the highest level of Schutzhund - SchH 3. Still, this model is not only for experienced dogs. Easy change of its weight makes it possible to use the item from the very beginning to the last stage of the training program. A unique composition of the polymeric material of the plates allows the manufacturer to measure the weight of the product accurately, thus its weight completely corresponds to declared. Besides, numerous throws and falls won't destroy this super strong polymeric plastic.
Considering all the advantages of this dog training dumbbell, it is a real treasure for every dog owner.

Get the supply your dog needs to become a champion!

NB! Despite this dog dumbbells are used with success during various competitions, we can't guarantee that they will be allowed at the particular contests or attestation.

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Dog Training Dumbbell with French Linen Cover

Schutzhund Training Dog Dumbbell - 2000 g

The dumbbell shape is easy for the dog to carry as the length of the bar is ideal - your dog will pick it up without difficulties and a moment delay. The high-quality of the product is confirmed by top-notch materials, selected for its manufacturing. Super strong dried hardwood bar is covered with French Linen, soft and pleasant for the touch material. This is the best encouragement for the dog to grab the dumbbell. Moreover, the covering provides easier grab and stronger grip and prevents rolling the item into the dog's mouth. It is especially important if your dog has recently started training and has no much experience. After some time you can remove the covering in order to make the retrieving more challenging.
Remember that if the old bite bar of your dog's dumbbell will be broken or bitten through with time, you can buy only the wooden bar without weight plates. This will help you to save some money and keep on training your future champion without large expense.
One more advantage is the safety of the product. The materials of all the components are 100% safe and non-toxic. There is no danger to the dog's health or teeth.

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Training Dog Dumbbell with Plastic Weight Plates

Hardwood Dog Dumbbell - Perfect Retrieving Item

Key features of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • Dog-friendly materials
  • Durable hardwood dowel
  • Dog-safe French Linen covering
  • Removable plastic weight plates

Intended use of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • Retrieve training
  • Schutzhund trials SchH 3


  • Length - 13 1/5 inch (33 cm)
  • Weight plate diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • Weight - approx. 4 1/2 lbs (2 kg)

Colors and materials:

  • Mixed colors
  • Hardwood dowel
  • French Linen cover
  • Plastic weight plates

Start your dog training program with the lightest weight, gradually increasing the challenge for your dog. It is possible due to 4 pairs of removable weight plates. It is extremely easy and doesn't take much time to fix securely the necessary amount of plates. You buy only one item but receive the tool of numerous options and possibilities. Almost indestructible weight plates are made of plastic that will not break after regular retrieving training. Bright colors of the dumbbell add fun and enjoyment to your pet exercising.

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