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'High Load' Reliable Dog Training Dumbbell with Plastic Weight Plates - 1000 g (1 kg)


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  • Model: WD16Y#1073 Dumbbell 1000 g wood & plastic


Dog Training Dumbbell with Bright Yellow Removable Weight Plates

Need a reliable gear to train your doggy on the professional level? Look here! This fantastic dumbbell can help to prepare your canine for Schutzhund II and many kinds of trials. Being made of absolutely safe materials, the item makes your pet's training session successful and painless. This outstanding combination of dried hardwood and plastic weight plates is what you need to teach your canine effectively! The tool will definitely become your reliable helper and lead to the inimitable results in dog Schutzhund and retrieve training.
Assure your pet's success with this reliable dumbbell!

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Wooden Dog Dumbbell for Effective Training

Reliable Wooden Dumbbell for Effective Dog Training

Key features of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • dried hardwood
  • ergonomic design
  • hypoallergenic French linen cover
  • health-friendly stuff
  • yellow plastic removable weight plates

Intended use of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieve item training
  • Schutzhund training


  • length - 9 inch (23 cm)
  • weight plate diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • weight - approx. 2 1/4 lbs (1 kg)


  • wood and plastic

Do you need any proofs that this tool is worth your attention? Look here!
This dumbbell is meant to lead your furry friend to the successful results in Schutzhund training and retrieve work. The tool is intended or Schutzhund II, which is an important step on the way to the most advanced training. The item helps to prepare your dog to all kinds of trials. Be sure that any of his beginnings will end up with success.

Wooden Dog Dumbbell for Professional Training

Professional Training Dog Dumbbell with Removable Plastic Weight Plates

The dumbbell consists of a wooden bar and bright yellow plastic weight plates. Dried hardwood is well-polished to assure that your canine doesn't get injured when training. Apart from it, the bar is covered with French linen so that your four-legged friend's teeth and gums are in safety. Besides, such special covering increases the lifespan of the gear. Be sure, it will serve your canine for years.

The weight plates are made of durable bright yellow plastic. The material is safe for the dog's health and hard to break. The plates can be removed easily, thus you can regulate the load depending on the progress your doggy makes in his education. So, assure his proper training and have a good luck!
Note, please!
  • In case the bite bar or bells are damaged, you can order the new ones and replace them.
  • We do not guarantee that this tool is allowed to be used in the competitions.

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