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Nylon Dog Collar for Any Weather with Handle and Quick Release Buckle

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  • Model: C46##1073 Nylon Collar with handle


Nylon Dog Collar with extra strong handle

Looking for Durable Collar both for training and walking? Please, pay attention to this Nylon Dog Collar. This Collar may become your favourite training tool, because it's very handy in use and strong enough. Of course, the result of training depends upon many factors, but with this Perfect Nylon Collar on your dog, you will be able to pay all your attention to the dog and forget about low-grade or uncomfortable for your dog collars. Choose this Nylon Collar and train your dog without distractions!

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Nylon Dog Collar with handle

Nylon Collar with quick release buckle

This Nylon Dog Collar with handle is also very convenient for everyday walking with your doggie. Steel nickel plated O-ring is very strong and almost unbreakable. All you need is to attach the lead and your dog is ready for a walk! This Collar is made of nylon, because it is considered to be one of the most reliable materials and doesn't lose it's shape for a long time. It's difficult to add some details to this Collar, because our designers already thought over almost all necessary features, that the Collar for training and walking should have. These features are present in Nylon Dog Collar, we offer.

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Waterproof Nylon Dog Collar with Handle

Superior Quality Nylon Dog Collar with Handle and Quick release Buckle

Nylon Dog Collar with handle

Strong Nylon Collar for walking

Nylon Collar with strong quick release buckle

Nylon Dog Collar for off-leash training

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Strong nylon strap
  • Quick release buckle
  • Steel nickel plated O-ring
  • Increased adjustability
  • Ergonomic handle

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • Obedience training
  • Off leash training
  • Safe walking

Sizes available:

  • 18 - 21 inches (45 - 52 cm)
  • 20 - 25 inches (50 - 61 cm)
  • 24 - 36 inches (60 - 90 cm)
  • Width - 40 mm ( 1 1/2 inch)

Available colors:

  • Black

This Nylon Dog Collar also has:

Adjustable strap. Please, measure your dog attentively for this Collar. Then you will get the right size, appropriate for your dog. Sometimes, dog may put on or, vice versa, lose weight, and you won't necessarily have to buy new collar. This Collar may be adjusted to perfectly fit the new size of your dog's neck.

Ergonomic handle. How many times during everyday walking have you thought, that it would be great to grab you dog quickly? For example, it may be necessary, if the dog is very active or aggressive towards other dogs. This Nylon Collar has special handle to give you all possible control over your dog. Now you can grab him quickly and easily!

Watch how this dog collar looks on Pitbull / our video

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New Nylon Dog Collar

Superb Nylon Dog Collar

Check how our products look on the dogs/ Our Video

Dog collar

Bella (Cane Corso) wearing our new all weather dog collar with handle
Dog collar

Cane Corso new collar with quick release buckle

Many owners highly rates All weather nylon dog collar with handle and buckle

The dog is wearing this Nylon Dog Collar

Check how this Collar looks on Mastino Napoletano / our video

Kevin Kirby, Illinois, USA
Date added review: 04/03/2014
Hi Alice, Yes. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products I ordered. Couldn't be happier, actually. They are actually what I was expecting. Thank you for the inquiry - much appreciated. Regards,

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
Mona Baisch, Idaho, USA
Date added review: 21/06/2016
Serves me right for ordering late. The dog won't know the difference, I imagine. I was impressed with the quality of the collar. Merry Christmas

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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