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Extra Prong Links for Antique Copper Pinch Collar - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)


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  • Model: HS56#1073 extra link 50145(13) 3.99


Money-saving Additional Link for Antique Copper Pinch Collar

We recommend you to make smart purchases and save money at the same time. How can this be possible you may ask? It is simple with new offer of Herm Sprenger Company. A novelty that worth noticing by those dog owners who use Pinch Collars in everyday walkings or professional trainings. It is extra links for Antique Copper Pinch Collar. You don't have to buy new collar as your dog grows or gains weight. This offer will do for those who have strict budget and can't afford new pinch collar. These Extra Links are for Herm Sprenger Antique Copper Pinch Collar for 1/6 inch (3.99 mm) Diameter. They snap in easily for extra length! You won't need any tools or skills to perform this action.

One link will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the total length of the collar.

These extra links are for this Dog Pinch Collar Steel- Antique Copper Plated.

Extra links for antique copper pinch collar - 50145(13) 1/6 inch (3.99 mm).
HS Extra Link For Antique Copper Plated Pinch  Collar

If you have never heard about Antique Copper or know practically nothing about it here is some information below:
Antique Copper is a ductile metal, which can be hammered or rolled into a wire. It is a reddish-colored metal, with high thermal and electric conductivity. It belongs to the same periodic table as silver and gold, thus shares a lot of characteristics similar to them. It gets its characteristic color because it reflects red and orange light. There are number of products that are made using antique copper such as wires, dog collars, pots, electromagnets, plumbing, etc. Please, be advised that sometimes, a greenish color coating may appear on the surface of antique copper as it ages, thus a mixture of vinegar and water will serve as a cleaner.

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Extra link 1/9 inch (3.00 mm) Extra links for antique copper pinch collar - 50115(13) 1/9 inch (3.00 mm)

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