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Leather Dog Collars

Leather dog collars are the most popular among all collar types, due to the beneficial features of the material they are made of. Our store presents you a huge variety of bestseller collars made of high-quality genuine leather with attention to every detail. Best dog collars to any pocket and taste.
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'Egypt Treasure' Leather Dog Collar with Mix of Brass and Old Bronze Decor

Decorated Leather Dog Walking Collar with Pyramids and Studs Do you want your dog to eclipse every pet around with his/her awesome look? Do you want...
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'Gothic Inspiration' Leather Dog Collar with Skulls and Half-sphere Studs

Comfortable 1 inch (25 mm) Leather Dog Collar with Silver­-Like Skulls and Half­-Ball Studs Let your dog be in trend, so provide him with this...
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'Gothic Style' Leather Dog Collar with Oval Plates and Half Ball Studs

"Tip-Top" Leather Dog Collar Adorned with Nickel Studs and Massive Silver-like Oval Plates Have you often noticed other dogs' collars while walking...
$76.99... more info

'Heavy Metal' Leather Canine Collar with Spikes and Skulls

Brutal Leather Dog Collar with Unusual Brass Decor Are you an admirer of "heavy metal?" Is this genre of music a part of your life and you want your...
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'Hollywood Chic' Decorated Leather Dog Collar with Circles and Spikes

Exclusively Adorned 1 1/4 inch (30 mm) wide Leather Dog Collar with Spikes and Studs Feel lack of chic and gloss in your dog’s daily look? Pamper...
$30.99... more info

'Interstellar' Narrow Leather Dog Collar with Silver-like Decoration

Flavorful Leather Dog Collar Decorated with Silver-like Stars Do you like to keep an eye on the starry arch? The Astronomy is your passion, isn't it?...
$49.99... more info

'Obedient canines' 2 ply Leather Training Choke Collar - 1 inch (25 mm) wide

Strong Leather Training Dog Collar Do you need an effective dog training tool? This Leather Choke Collar will help you to achieve incredible results...
$25.99... more info

'Pyramid Harmony' Studded Leather Canine Collar

Gorgeous 1 inch (25 mm) Wide Leather Dog Collar with Silver-Like Faceted Pyramids Are you excited when your dog looks doggone cute? Make his outfit...
$27.99... more info

'Pyramid of Cheops' Leather Dog Collar with Decoration

"La-Mode" Leather Dog Collar with Nickel Studs and Silver-like Pyramids Do you want your dog to look noble while walking, but all his previous...
$54.99... more info
Displaying 19 to 27 (of 72 Products)
You can choose a perfect collar for any purpose you and your dog needs: walking, training, dog socializing, vet visiting etc. All the model are manufactured in accordance with world standards of hand-selected leather, previously polished and treated with oils for better serviceability. You have a great opportunity to choose among collars of classic design or handpainted collars, extra wide collars perfect for dog with big neck size or narrow collars for smaller breeds, buckle style or choke collar for behavior correction. Stylish spiked collars or decorated with studs collars are the best for doggie mod. Check the category and you will find collars of supreme quality and craftsmanship. Handcrafted leather dog collars are available in different sizes and colors. Choose cool dog collars made with love and care for your canine.

Best leather dog collars at a competitive price!

Be very attentive when choosing a collar for your dog, as it is that very item in the dog wardrobe, which plays the most important role in dog's life during daily activity. The dog behavior can depend on the comfort, provided with such an indispensable gear.

Why should you choose leather dog collars among the great variety on the dog supplies market?

Leather dog collars look posh and expensive. FDT produces and sells handmade dog collars of a unique design and matchless quality. Wearing our leather collar, your dog will look amazing wherever he/she goes.

What kind of dog collars can you find in our store?

There are many various models of different width, colors, and intended use:
  • Classic design leather collars
  • Decorated collars for dog shows
  • Training dog collars with or without handle
  • Walking and tracking dog collars
  • 2 ply leather collars

Need a multifunctional handling tool - one for any purpose, then pay attention to this gorgeous leather collar. It will be useful during walking, training and even stylish appearing on public. Crafted of best selected leather, it will deliver only comfort to your furry friend.

Our craftsmen always do their best to improve the design of the products in order to make the tools perfect. There are a lot of Nappa padded collars and collars with soft felt padding inside. Additional comfort let your dog feel great! Nothing will irritate or disturb the canine. FDT also offers the models for professional trainers: 2 ply leather agitation dog collar or agitation training leather collar with handle for better control. They are super strong pieces of equipment, produced especially to be used during agitation/protection training sessions and are recommended by many trainers and dog breeders all over the world.

Painted Leather Dog Collar for Walking in Style

Exclusive Handpainted Leather Dog Collar Looks Amazing on Belgian Malinoises

Our on-line store also has something to offer for those who prefer unique dog collars. For example, this handpainted leather dog collar is created to underline your dog's individuality and his owner's perfect taste. This fashionable accessory is also dog-safe, as our artists have used only non-allergic and non-toxic paints which are absolutely harmless for your pet's health. If you, vice versa, prefer classic design collar, you may check Wide Leather Dog Collar. It is a practical and multifunctional dog training equipment which combines simple design, high quality and comfort.

Deluxe Leather Dog Collar in Bright Pink

Pink Leather Dog Collar for Cane Corso Super Stylish Look

Want something special? You are welcome to check spiked leather collars or studded dog collars, meant to attract as much attention to your doggie as possible. Get the luxury collar and be sure you won't find a collar of the same design.

What makes our dog collar different from those sold in other shops?

Only full grain genuine leather of top-quality is used for their manufacturing. The edges are perfectly worked out and oiled for a longer lifespan of the products and their perfect look. The hardware is made of rustproof brass or chrome-plated steel. For better durability, the buckle is reinforced with rivets. Decorated with studs or any other adornments collars will also serve you for quite a while, as the fittings are placed with hand and firmly riveted. Besides, every single model in our collection of dog leather collars is a handmade item.
 Super Strong Leather Dog Collar with Nickel-plated Buckle

Close up on Rustproof Hardware of Extra Wide Leather Collar

Don't forget to take care of leather dog supplies in order to prolong their service term

  • Always make sure to remove surface dirt and stains with a clean cloth, or diluted dish detergent or vinegar.
  • Mink oil and olive oil will condition the leather and moisturize it, without changing the color much, after they dry.
  • Apply a leather dressing or balm (Leather Care Balsam for Shining Look) to seal in moisture, to maintain its look and increase lifespan.
  • Treat your leather every 6 months, regardless of wear, to make your leather last forever!
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