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“Pipy sound” Dog training horn for emitting sound signals


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  • Model: DTE5#1073 59551 000 30 Dog sounding horn


Brass dog horn that makes sounds

Do you need to quickly attract your dog’s attention to training?
Then, you probably use special dog accessories like dog whistles or else. The product offered on this page is much more useful and optional.
Is your pet involved in hunting?
In this case, this dog sounding horn will take a worthy place among your canine equipment.

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Dog sounding horn

Dog sounding horn for effective training

The accessory is rather lightweight - only 3.15 oz (90 g), its length is 10 1/5 inch (25.5 cm). It is made in a shape of a horn, but in a smaller size to be comfortable for you to use. The size is very compact, thus, you can take it everywhere you go.
This supply produces sounds, attractive for a dog, so training and walking, as well as hunting, will become much easier and effective. This dog sounding horn has a small chain, making it even easier to use. This product is made of safe brass metal, which is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Due to it, it is very durable and will serve you during the years. Thanks to its bright gold-like appearance, brass makes this dog horn look luxury.

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Dog horn for producing sounds

Train your dog with this dog sounding horn

Key features of this Dog Horn:

  • frequency tunable
  • brass construction
  • influences only your dog
  • safe for human's hearing

Intended use of this Dog Horn:

  • dog training
  • hunting

Sizes available:

  • weight - 3.15 oz (90 g)
  • length - 10 1/5 inch (25.5 cm)


  • brass

This dog sounding horn is a great tool for training your pet. During any activity with your dog you can produce sound signals with the help of it, herewith, fixing to each of them a specific command. This is a long-lasting term use dog equipment that is very easy to use and functional. Train your canine to perform different commands, making dog training sessions more professional and efficient, at the same time.

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Dog sounding horn of brass

Brass dog sounding horn for training

All dogs have keen hearing, so this dog sounding horn works as a distractor. It is quite loud for them, so your pet will respond to it and perform your commands. This dog equipment is completely harmless for your canine. Don't be afraid to use it during everyday activities with your beloved pet.

Take a Look at dog training horn in 3D

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