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"Schutzhund Champion" 2 1/4 lbs (1000 g) Wooden Dog Training Dumbbell with Removable Plastic Weight Plates


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  • Model: WD13#1073 Dumbbell 1000 g wood & plastic


Safe and Strong Dog Dumbbell for Training Purposes

Have a dog? Want to start training him but don't know where to start?
Try retrieve item training! It is a great way not only to make your canine more obedient but also to deepen the bond between you. It will be easy with such high-quality items as this Wooden Dog Dumbbell.

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Perfect for Training Dog Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

Safe to Use Strong Dog Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

Being manufactured in accordance with all international standards, this Dog Dumbbell has all the necessary characteristics which make it perfect both for fun everyday training and professional Schutzhund trials. With it, your four-legged friend will get high results and become a true champion!

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Quality Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Training

Top Grade Dog Dumbbell Great for Schutzhund Trials

Key features of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • durable wooden bar
  • ergonomic design
  • no toxic components
  • safe for dog's health
  • plastic removable weight plates

Intended use of this Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieve item training
  • Schutzhund trials


  • length - 9 inch (23 cm)
  • weight plate diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • weight - approx. 2 1/4 lbs (1 kg)

Available colors:

  • tan wooden bar and black weight plates

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Dog Dumbbell with Durable Wooden Bar

Pro Training Dog Dumbbell with Durable Wooden Bar

Why this Dog Dumbbell is worth purchasing:

This dog item has simple, but at the same time, well-thoughtful design. It consists of a bar and weight plates that can be easily removed if needed.

The bar is made of tan durable hardwood which is eco-friendly and safe for your pet's teeth. The weight plates are plastic, they are situated far away from each other as too little space between them can cause discomfort. Due to such ergonomic design, your canine will hold this Dumbbell firmly in his mouth. Besides, you can make this supply heavier by adding more weight plates so as to let your doggy lift heavy loads.

Several tips concerning the use of this Dog Training Dumbbell:

  • Be attentive choosing a dumbbell for your canine. Its size should be proportionate to the size of your dog. There are three elements to consider when looking for a proper size dumbbell: the height of the weight plates, the thickness of the bar, and the width between the weight plates.
  • Always ask professional dog trainer if you have doubts how to use training dumbbells properly.
  • Train your pet in a firm but friendly manner. You will not only deepen the bond with him but also strengthen your position as a leader of the pack.
  • If you want to reach high results, start training from early age. Training a puppy is easier than training an adult dog because a puppy is more open to new ideas. In fact, it is never too late to train your dog, although it may take longer to retrain it to eliminate undesirable habits.

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