Marvellous Braided Leather Dog Collar

I received this excellent product yesterday along with a leather braided leash. (5 business days to the USA).I spent an hour or so with leather conditioner bending and "loosening" up the stiffness (this is a SOLID quality product - It is *nothing* like pet store products) before putting it on my dog. It is now a (softer) work of art! I have a first cross 85lb APBT/Belgian Malinois that is a working dog and was looking for a strong leather collar. I found it here. His tags are on the buckle leaving the D-ring clear for a leash.
He walks well without correction but I also purchased the "Anywhere Leather Leash" as a backup and it too is superb and simple. Highly recommended. I use many leather products in my work and appreciate the craftsmanship, but also realize they require caring for. With this kind of quality the maintenance is a small price to pay.

Brian Shaw, 10/01/2013
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