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Effective Dog Training Prong Collar with Swivel and Small Quick Release Snap Hook - (3.9mm) (1/6 inch) (Made in Germany)

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  • Model: HS35#1073 50146 (02) (3.99) Collar with swivel


Quality Dog Prong Collar with swivel

If you have a dog with behavioral problems, this Dog Prong Collar will greatly help you in its obedience training. You could hear that prong collars hurt dogs because they have sharp prongs that dig into the dog's skin. You will understand that such opinion is mistaken if you put the collar on your hand. You will see that this pinch is rather gentle and doesn't cause a lot of pain.

The main idea of such design is training in natural way. These prongs are very similar to the mother-dog's teeth so when the collar pinches the dog it understands it did something wrong. The secret of the prong collars being so effective is that they pinch right to the skin on the dog's neck avoiding its fur. That is why even if you have a thickhaired dog, the Prong Collar will be effective in the same way as if you've had a shorthaired dog.

Swivel and Scissor type Snap Hook for easy handling

Dog Prong Collar with swivel

Prong Collars have various sizes, but they depend not only on the collar length that can vary from 16 inch (40 cm) to 25 inch (65 cm), but also on the diameter of the prongs. The thinner the prongs are, the stronger impact they will put on the dog.

The size of this particular Prong Dog Collar is 25 inch (65 cm) with prong's diameter - 3.9 mm (1/6 inch). If your dog's neck circumference is more than 25 inch (65 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the total collar length.

Other available sizes are the following:
2.25 mm (1/11 inch) - diameter ot the prongs, 9 links - quantity of the links, 16 inch ( 40 cm) - overall length of the pinch collar

3.00 mm (1/9 inch) - diameter ot the prongs,10 links - quantity of the links, 21 inch ( 53 cm) - overall length of the prong collar

3.25 mm (1/8 inch) - diameter ot the prongs,10 links - quantity of the links, 23 inch ( 58 cm) - overall length of the training collar

The weight of this Dog Prong Collar is about 14 oz (400 g).

This Prong Collar is made in accordance with HS technique called Chromium electroplating. Electricity is used for the chromium solution to stick evenly to all parts of the collar. In order to make the collar surface smooth and shine HS uses mirror-bright polishing technique. Thus, the collar obtains excellent durability, corrosion resistance and wonderful look. Moreover, these two techniques combined together greatly ease the process of cleaning the collar.

Key features of this Prong Dog Collar:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Swivel for better leash attachment
  • Scissor type snap hook
  • Bright shine
  • Smooth surface
  • 10 removable links
  • Excellent durability
  • High quality only
  • Wonderful decorative look

Intended use of this Prong Dog Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 25 inch (65 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 3.9 mm (1/6 inch)


  • Chrome plated steel

The main advantages of this Prong Collar:

  • really effective in training even if you have a very thickhaired dog;
  • it doesn't require too much strength when you pull the leash, as it is enough a slight pinch;
  • has removable links so you can easily adjust the collar to the size fitting your dog;
  • has a welded swivel to prevent the collar from breaking;
  • doesn't harm your dog but helps in obedience training;
  • affects the dog through influencing its instincts, thus the training is done in natural manner;
  • it is made in accordance with the best HS technologies; it guarantees high quality of the collar and its long lifespan.
However, if you want your dog's collar to serve long and properly, you must remember the following rules:
  • Choose the size properly: only the collar fitting your dog can provide proper training effect and be harmless for your dog;
  • Wear the collar behind the dog's ears and right under its jaw, otherwise, it will function wrong;
  • Try to put the Prong Collar on your dog only for training time, as the dog may get used to it and stop reacting;
  • Never leave your dog alone while wearing the collar; it may be hooked up by something and get injured.
We want to offer you Nylon Removable Protector that will make your dog's Prong Collar look even better! Moreover, it:
  • reduces undesirable water contacts;
  • protects from excessive light reflection;
  • makes the collar less noisy;
  • gives pretty ordinary look to your dog's Prong Collar.
Prong Collar with QR snap hook

Dog Prong Collar with Nylon Protector


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Leather Dog Leash Multifunctional

Take a Look at Metal Collar in 3D

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