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Brand New Dog Nylon Harness for Multifunctional Use

  • Model: H12##1073 Nylon Dog Harness with Chest Plate
Date Added: 10/10/2013

5 stars

I received this harness yesterday. The quality was as expected as I have purchased an excellent leather collar and leash from here, both of which surpass anything stores sell in Florida where I live.

I did make a small modification to the harness, in that I attached a stainless shackle to the ring on the front where the three nylon straps meet. I then attached a second leash to this ring to have more control of the dog. After 1 minute or so he got the message and he loves the harness also. I have a Belgian Malinois/American Pit-bull Terrier mix from two AKC registered parents and he is a strong dog at 10 months and 82lbs. I had occasion to take another dog to the vet this morning and took him along to further socialize him and he likes the free milk bones! The vet commented on what a quality harness it was and wanted to know where they can be purchased! I told her.
Great products, good service and the dog likes it. Win, win, win!
by Brian Shaw
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