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Professional Leather Dog Harness for Agitation Training and Comfortable for Walking

  • Model: H1###1073 Leather agitation dog harness
Date Added: 04/27/2019

5 stars

Just looked this company up to replace a leather harness for my boy, 9 year old American Bulldog (2nd generation to use same harness!!) and was so pleased to see they still offer the same one and the cost hasn't sky rocketed after the many years since I purchased last one; had to be 15 years, maybe even more! Needless to say I am pleased with my purchase. I feel I've gotten my money out of it 5 times over. It's made it through all the adventures of 2 generations of 100+ pound Bully boys, through rivers, lakes, oceans, Jeep rides and regular old walks before the chest piece irreparably giving way in a buckle hole. If you need a quality harness for a big, strong dog- look no further Buy the leather training harness here Now!
by Shannon Shelton
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