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Easy Adjustable Strong Leather Dog Harness for Pitbulls - No Pull Harness

  • Model: H5###1073 Leather pulling dog harness
Date Added: 04/17/2015

5 stars


Last month, I bought this harness for my male PitBull puppy (who is now 10 months) named BLUE. I am incredibly pleased! The leather feels strong and the straps are easily adjustable. The clasps, belts and rivets feel solid. The harness must be comfortable, because Blue has never once fought when I put it on, and never tries to chew at it.

Best of all, the sizes on the website are wonderfully accurate, and the sizing guides are incredibly useful and informative : I was able to order one that perfectly fits Blue, while being slowly adjusted as he's been growing. While there's room to spare in his current harness, if he were to ever outgrow his "small" size, I would absolutely buy him a larger size of this exact same harness. It's worth the money, the shipping, and the time. It is WELL worth it!

- Margot Gore, Virginia, USA
by Margot Gore
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