All Weather dog harness for tracking / pulling Designed to fit Great Dane

I am so happy I decided to order this for my dog Max. He is a strong dog and I am soon to be 70, I now have better control when I walk him or just take him outside to do is business. I love the grab handle also, it lets me keep him in better control when someone comes up (he likes to jump up to greet). This a giving me a better change with our training (he is just 1 1/2 years old) as he still has alot of puppy in him. Thank You so much...and I have seen some other things that I am very interested in. The way this harness is made, the quality, I have no fear of ordering other things from your company. I am very Happy and so is Max, he loves to put this on, its quick, easy and he looks very handsome.

Cathy Motcheck, 11/11/2011
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