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Long-term Stainless Steel Fur Saver - Herm Sprenger Dog Collar

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  • Model: HS59#1073 51541 (55) Fur Saver. 3mm


Multipurpose Stainless Steel Fur Saver

Nowadays Fur Savers become more and more popular among dog owners. Indeed, why to buy several Collars for different activities if there is Universal Stainless Steel Fur Saver? This Collar is excellent for most ordinary activities with your dog, like training, walking and socializing. Didn't we mention that this Fur Saver belongs to the most effective training tools? In fact, it may be used during obedience training to teach your dog to quickly obey your commands and walk calmly. Besides, there is one more advantageous feature, that attracts attention of every caring dog owner. This Collar doesnít damage your dogís fur, because the links have optimal length and smooth surface. The Collar, we offer, is a reasonable choice from every quarter and choosing it you show that the dogís appearance is very important to you.

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Stainless Steel Dog Fur Saver

Timeproof Dog Fur Saver

The weight of the Collar varies depending upon the size between 3, 3 oz and 4,2 oz (95 g - 120 g).

This Fur Saver will be almost useless if itís size wonít fit your dog. To prevent this situation, please measure your dog correctly. To do it you need flexible measuring tape and several minutes of your time. Donít forget to add 2 or 3 inches to the figures and you will get a perfect size for your pet. You can also determine the proper size of the Collar by putting two fingers under the measuring tape, when itís around the dogís neck.

Please, check this sizing chart to choose the best fitting collar for your canine:

Sizes available Dog's neck size
15 inch (39 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 12-13 inch (30-33 cm)
17 inch (44 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 14-15 inch (35-38 cm)
20 inch (50 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 17-18 inch (43-45 cm)
22 inch (55 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 19-20 inch (48-50 cm)
24 inch (61 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 21-22 inch (53-55 cm)
26 inch (67 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 23-24 inch (58-60 cm)

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Handy Dog Fur Saver

Well-made Dog Fur Saver

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Smooth surface
  • Doesnít damage the dogís fur
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive appearance
  • Super strong
  • High-quality product
  • Two O-rings to attach the lead
  • Easy to use

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • Training
  • Everyday activities
  • Dog socializing

Sizes available:

  • see the sizing chart


  • Stainless steel

This Fur Saver is made of stainless steel. This metal was chosen because itís very strong and resistant to corrosion in both atmospheric and water environments. If you search for an item with long-time service, this Collar is a perfect choice for you!

Dear customer, you can also use this Fur Saver as an ordinary collar without choking effect. How is it possible? Itís quite simple. You need to attach the snap hook of the dogís leash to the ring, that is moving along the links, not to that, located at the end of the chain. Choose the appropriate link of the chain for the size of the Collar to be perfect not to bring discomfort to the pet or cause problems with breathing. Attach the snap hook to the chosen link and the proper ring simultaneously and here you have Luxurious Metal Collar without training effect! Please, contact us if you have some questions or need more specific recommendations.

As you might have noticed this Collar has a special red label, that confirms that this product is quality and meets all the requirements to First-class Collar. Please, avoid counterfeits! The information on this page concerns only Original Best quality Fur Saver with red label.


  • Dear dog owner, please don't leave your pet alone, when wearing this Collar, otherwise he may accidentally hurt himself.
  • Choose the size of the Collar, that fits your dog now. If you buy the bigger size, the Collar may slip down of the dogís head and will have no training effect.

This dog fur saver collar goes in three different metals. You are welcome to check the table below with the links to Stainless Steel, Curogan dog fur saver collar of the same size. Black Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Dog Fur Saver Collars are classic design quality accessories. Curogan Dog Fur Saver Collar is offered for the dogs, which are tend to have allergies or discoloration problems.

Other Models Available Link to Product Page
Black Stainless Steel Dog Fur Saver Collar Stunning Black Stainless Steel Fur Saver - 51541 (57) 1/9 inch (3 mm)
Curogan Dog Fur Saver Collar Curogan Fur Saver Choke Collar - 51541(67) 1/9 inch (3 mm) Perfect for Training and Walking Choke Chain

Take a Look at Metal Collar in 3D

Bree Taia, Australia
Date added review: 26/01/2015
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