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Dog training equipment

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Adorable Vizsla Modeling Short Leather Dog Leash

Stitched Leather Short Leash Your dog doesn’t want to obey your orders? This High Quality Leather Short Leash is an excellent tool for taking your...
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Cochise wearing our exclusive Dog bite sleeve - intermediate dog sleeve - PS14jute

Guy, Here are a couple of pictures from 1/31/2020 training. First time I was able to use the sleeve. This is a hard biting dog, Cochise trained by...
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Dog Bite Sleeve Protective Cover Made of Jute

Protection sleeve cover Protection sleeve cover for any dog arm sleeve is made of jute with handle. Due to its material the k9 training equipment is...
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All weather police dog leash multifunctional - L15_1

Hi Guy Sorry about the delay in sending you some more photos of my dog Yoda von Heisenberg being worked by Rinus Bastiaansen who is a FCI judge and...
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Audible Plastic Clicker for Dog Training

Plastic Training Clicker Your pet, if left untrained, will not understand the basic differences between good and unacceptable behaviors. This...
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Ava and Hugo like to bite our "Dog bite tag made of french linen - 12 inch long"

Dog bite tag ( dog bite tug ) ( puppy tug )made of extra strong french linen material ( the same material used for making bite suits ) with one...
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Buy Now Fire Hose Bite Tugs Training Set and Save $7.09 - SetBiteTugFIREHOSE_1

Fire Hose Bite Tugs Set for Daily Training with your Dog Puppy Training with Fire Hose Bite Tugs Set (gift shown on the pic) Learn what items...
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Dog bite rag for prey drive training - TE11_1

Dog bite rag made of jute with handle.Prey drive is greatly stimulated with this item when the dog gets opportunity and challenge to bite the rag. ...
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Dog bite sleeve - intermediate dog sleeve - PS14french

Hi Dan, Here is Italiano del Colle dell'Infinito , "Talo", using your intermediate sleeve with french linen cover, he loves it. Thank You for the...
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Displaying 10 to 18 (of 43 Products)
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