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'Fast Grip' Reliable Wooden Dog Dumbbell for Schutzhund Training III 2000 g


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  • Model: WD14R1073 Wood Dog Dumbbell with Red Plastic Plates 2000g


Fetching Wooden Dumbbell for Effective for Schutzhund III Dog Training

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get ready for Schutzhund with Dog Dumbbell

Improve your Dog's Skills with Dog-safe Wooden Dog Dumbbell

Do you have a dumbbell for your pet? Can't find an appropriate gear for efficient schutzhund training? This wooded dumbbell was created to make training more effective and profitable. Moreover, this excellent tool makes every training session exciting and full of fun.

Retrieving Dog Dumbbell of Dried Wood

Easy-to-grab Schutzhund III Dumbbell for Professional Training

The gear comes with removable weight plastic plates and wooden stick. This wooden dumbbell is great for retrieve training/Schutzhund of the III stage. The gear is professional, therefore, smart applying of it will lead to successful results. The dumbbell is a fetching instrumentand it is widely used for preparing a dog for competition. The material used are safe and non-toxic, so such accessory is dog-friendly. The weight of the dumbbell can be regulated with the help of removable plates. Order this functional training tool and train your dog with pleasure!

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Strong wooden dog dumbbell

Wooden dog dumbbell for Schutzhund trials

Key features of this Dumbbell:

  • Dried hardwood
  • Safe for the dog's teeth
  • Plastic removable weight bells
  • Sturdy and strong

Intended use of this Dumbbell:

  • Retrieve item training
  • Schutzhund III

Sizes available:

  • Length - 13 1/5 inch (33 cm)
  • Bell diameter - 5 inch (12 cm)
  • Weight - approx. 4 1/2 lbs (2 kg)

Available colors and Material:

  • Wood and plastic
  • Red color

A dumbbell is a useful gear for training and preparing the canine for the contest but we don't guarantee that this dumbbell will be approved for usage in competition. Applying of this tool can be unobtrusive during any daily activity of your dog. The canine perceives it like a toy and trains with great pleasure. The purpose of this accessory is to develop and improve your dog's skills. It can be used for retrieve training and schutzhund trials. When using this item, your pet is taught how to pick up or take, hold and carry any object in his mouth. So, building a proper bite grip is guaranteed as well.

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Reliable dog dumbbell with wooden stick

Efficient wooden dog dumbbell for training

This durable dumbbell consists of natural wooden stick and plastic weight plates. These plates are red. Brightly colored gear is well-visible everywhere and is more attractive for the pet. What else, the weight of the dumbbell with plastic bells fully corresponds the weight mentioned. Dry hardwood stick is strong and difficult to break. Don't worry, sharp teeth of your canine won't spoil the tool. In case the wooden bite bar or bells are damaged, you can order these separate elements to complete the tool. The materials of this dumbbell are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, the surface of the stick is smooth as it is polished thoroughly. So your dog won't scratch himself. This training tool won't cause any allergy or irritation to your canine. Removable plates are easy in handling. They can be added or removed easily.

Take a Look at dog training dumbbell in 3D

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