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Dog muzzles

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Adorable Miller in Basket Dog Muzzle

We love the muzzle! Here is a picture with our 65 pound golden retriever and his muzzle. Thank you! From: Kristina Miller presents new muzzle he...
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Akita in Everyday Light Weight Super Ventilation Akita Muzzle - M41

Everyday Light Weight Super Muzzle Matthew from Ireland kindly provided us with photo of his awesome dog wearing Everyday Light Weight Super...
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Basket Wire Dog Muzzle Light for Pit Bull - B1, B2, B3-M4light

This well-fitting, comfortable muzzle is made based on special strong metallic construction to maintain the shape of the muzzle and to assure long...
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Basket wire dog muzzle with full around snout padding perfect for Rottweiler - M90

Probably the best Rottweiler Dog Wire Muzzle for training High-quality Rottweiler Dog Wire Muzzle for walking This well-fitting, comfortable...
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Beautiful Shepherd/Malinois cross is super stylish in Royal Nappa Leather Dog Muzzle - product code M88_1

Hello Guy, I finally received my head harness. We are in the middle of a postal strike up here in Canada so it took a little longer than usual. It...
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Collie Wire Basket Dog Muzzles Size Chart muzzle Collie - M4light

Guy, Please find attached a couple of pics of my bearded collie Alex wearing one of your muzzles. Thanks Carl This well-fitting, comfortable...
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Dog Muzzle 'Barbed Wire' Provides Comfort and Safety During Training Sessions

Dog Muzzle For Comfort and Safety During Training Sessions Our artists use special water resistant paint and secret technique to make this one of a...
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English Bulldog Padded Metal Basket Dog Muzzle - Exclusive Design

Here's Annie with her "funny face" on This well-fitting, comfortable muzzle for English Bulldog and other dog breeds is based on special...
$49.99... more info

Everyday Dalmatian Leather dog muzzle - product code M51_1

Handmade exclusively by our craftsmen.You have to see this muzzle to believe the craftsmanship and quality.Due to great design the muzzle is well...
$43.99... more info
Displaying 28 to 36 (of 82 Products)
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