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Braided Leather Dog Leash with Additional Handle

  • Model: L16##1073 Leather dog leash with extra handle
Date Added: 10/02/2012

5 stars

This is a nice product. I have a young service dog who is still unsure of himself navigating through crowds. I have a nylon multipurpose leash, but it is uncomfortable for me to hold. I love the concept of the extra handle leash and the idea of the 5 foot length. Most extra handle leashes have a large loop that dangles and the dog tangles around the head and such. This design is great! It is a non-dangling grab loop. Overall, the leather and hardware are strong. The leather is new but not the stiff leather type that will slice your hand open or at least hurt. Given a bit of use, this is the leather that will be soft and comfortable. I am very pleased with this particular leash and have found nothing comparable (leather type, length, design). As a working team, we are VERY in the public and many people ask me about my harness, leash, etc. I will be happy to refer others to this unique product. Thanks so much. Cara & Shay
by Cara Fusinato
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