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Dog Harnesses

Need to get a top quality dog harness for walking and training? Nylon dog harness or leather dog harness will make any pet's activity pleasant and joyful. Check a wide range of harnesses for large and medium dog breeds.
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Leather Dog Harness for Attack/Protection Training and Daily Walking

Great Dane Leather Agitation Training Harness Click on the pictures to see bigger image > Comfortable Leather Dog Harness for Great Dane...
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Leather Dog Harness with Handle on Back for Walking and Training

Leather Dog Harness for Attack Training Heavy duty full leather agitation harness.This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog...
$124.99... more info

Lightweight Guide Dog, Service and Assistance Mobility Nylon Harness

Guide, Assistance and Mobility Dog Nylon Harness Created by our skilled craftsmen this Guide and Assistance Nylon Dog Harness is an example of...
$119.99... more info

Padded Dog Chest Harness for Attack Training and Walking

Agitation Training Leather Rottweiler Harness Heavy duty full leather Protection harness.This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog...
$89.99... more info

Protection Training Leather Dog Harness with Padded Chest Plate

Cane Corso Leather Agitation Training Harness Heavy duty full leather Protection harness.This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog...
$89.99... more info

Quality Dog Harness for Pulling, Tracking and Agitation Training

Fantastic Pulling & Tracking Leather Harness Professional full leather pulling/tracking harness.This is another truly beautiful piece of hand...
$54.99... more info

Spiked Leather Dog Harness for Training and Walking

How to size your dog for this harness: Medium: around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture ): 14-25 inch (35-64 cm) around the...
$121.99... more info

Stylish Dog Harness Handpainted for Training and Walking

Masterly Hand Crafted and Handpainted Leather Agitation Harness Dear Customer, we are happy to welcome you on this page. This Painted with Barbed...
$246.99... more info

Training Padded Leather Dog Harness Perfect For Your American Bulldog H1

Perfect Protection Leather Agitation Training Harness Heavy duty full leather agitation harness.This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working...
$89.99... more info
Displaying 37 to 45 (of 58 Products)

Featured Products - Dog Harnesses

Choose a dog supply you want. There are waterproof nylon dog harnesses, leather dog harnesses decorated with studs and spikes, pulling and guide dog harnesses, etc. Pay your attention to handpainted leather accessories which patterns are unique. Make your dog's style inimitable with FDT harnesses now!
Learn how to choose a dog harness here

Why is a dog harness important?

Walking is an essential part of dog`s life. Depending on the breed, your dog may need to be walked many miles or times every day in order to get the right amount of exercise. It also stimulates the canine to fend off boredom and destructive behaviour. Outdoor activities are also important for the pet`s health. Moreover, owning the dog forces the owner to stroll more, therefore, it helps you to keep your body in shape. Some people get dogs specifically to motivate themselves to walk more.

Softly Padded Leather Dog Harness

Rottweiler Padded Leather Dog Harness

Let’s look through the facts: some dogs are nearly impossible to walk. Others are so strong, so they pull and even can drag you during walking. Many pets wander all over the place, while some refuse to walk altogether. When walking your dog is a struggle, in this case, what you need is a dog harness. Dog harnesses have more points of supportive contact reducing the risk of injury and allowing you to control a difficult walker at ease. If your dog is stubborn about walking, consider one of our probably best dog harnesses which will make the walking and training experience better and more pleasant for both of you.

Dog Harnesses are ideal for small dogs, special needs dogs, breeds that are prone to upper respiratory problems, dogs that suffer from a collapsing trachea, or dogs that have physiological issues that make them poor candidates for traditional collars. Harnesses can also be great tools if you want to run or exercise with your dog.

Available in black, brown and tan, in sizes from small to extra large, there are plenty of combinations to satisfy most dog owners even if you are fussy about choosing dog equipment.The dog harness is one of the most common alternatives to a collar. Veterinarians recommend wearing harnesses in order to avoid any injury. However, it’s important to choose the right one.

A dog harness as an alternative to a collar

A harness is that kind of tool which is commonly worn with a collar and used as an alternative for leash attachment. While a collar is set around the neck, harnesses encircle the pet`s body. This design allows for distribution of force and pressure. It helps to prevent choking and minimise the chance of slipping out that may be possible with only a collar. The usage of harnesses is becoming more and more popular among many pet owners, especially for those with smaller breed dogs.

Harnesses are considered not only good dog handling tools but also they are widely applied for training. In our shop, you can find a great variety of dog training harnesses. They are made of nylon or leather. Both of these materials are perfect for this purpose. In fact, nylon harnesses are cheaper than leather ones. That makes their popularity to grow. There are specially designed harnesses with fully padded chest plate for agitation, protection, and attack training. The chest plate absorbs the shock during the hit, thus preventing serious injuries to the canine. This is especially vital for those dogs who are trained on daily basis.

Nylon Canine Harness with Convenient D-ring for Leash Connection

Daily Walking Nylon Harness for Mastino Neapolitano Breeds

Harness for dog provides easy control and safety during walking and training. Small dog harness or large dog harness, no-pull dog harness or service dog harness, studded dog harness or with simple design, each of them you can buy right now. Premium quality, smart design and extreme comfort your favourite dog will get when wearing one of these harnesses. You also have an opportunity to choose appropriate colors, black, brown or tan, for a perfect match to your dog's fur. All the dog supplies are made of 100% safe materials, genuine leather and non-toxic nylon. Durability is provided due to strong stitching whereas comfort is achieved owing to adjustable straps of the harness and padded front and back plates. Order one of these handcrafted dog harnesses and walk your canine in style.

Handpainted Agitation Harness for Large Dog Walking

Fashion Leather Dog Harness for Boxer Breed

Purchasing a dog harness is always a good choice. There are dog collars, dog leashes and dog muzzles offered for the canines on the market today. But your dog may need more than just a simple collar or leash to wear. A high-quality dog harness is much more comfortable for a walk, outing or training. The dog harness can be of specific need or a multifunctional one. The materials applied are thoroughly selected and correspond to the necessary demands and requirements. The easy design of the harnesses simplifies the process of putting the gear on/off. It only takes a few seconds to get on. This smart on-off design is great for small, medium, and large dog breeds and all puppies or adults!


Harness is a safe means of dog control

If you are a happy owner of a muscular pet, then dog harness for large dogs will become a godsend. You may get interested in purchasing pulling, tracking or heavy-duty attack training tool. A harness gives you more control over your pet when you are out and about. Nylon or leather dog harnesses are extra strong and meant for daily wearing. These hand-made items will be much of a help when controlling/handling your active canine! Safety, comfort and durability are key features of these supplies. A harness is considered to be much more safe control tool than a collar as when you pull the leash, the force is distributed over the dog’s body but not over his neck. That is why it is an easy and safe way to control overactive dogs.

Gentle care for small dogs

Happy handlers of smaller dog breeds can pamper their pets with really exclusive accessories. Small dogs or puppies demand more delicate treatment, so the harness will provide them with comfy and safe wearing. Small dog harness will fit your canine perfectly. One of the main reasons people choose harnesses for their little pets is the control that it provides. This is especially important when your small dog/puppy is learning how to take walks. It is well-known that not all dogs can walk perfectly around the neighborhood being on the leash. It’s usually a much more difficult process than it can seem. What else, a dog harness is especially great for puppies because these little creatures tend to slip out of collars, get tangled, and they also tend to be pretty bad walkers at first. A harness allows you to grip them gently.

Leather Puppy Harness for French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Walking Item

The control you have over walking them, will likely prevent puppies from getting tangled, and it will help guide them in the right places. Your dog, of course, is perfectly well-behaved on the leash, never pulling, jumping or trying to wriggle out of his collar. Unless he isn’t. Using a harness instead of a collar makes it easier to control and manage any dog, even those with leash manners aren’t quite perfected. A dog harness is a good training tool for puppies that have not yet learned to walk on a lead. Harnesses offer better control, which is especially important on busy streets or in crowds. If you have a strong or very large dog, a harness gives you much better control and is easier on your arms and back. Very small dogs can be prone to injury from pulling or tugging on the leash. A harness disperses pressure over a larger area of his body, reducing strain on his neck and back.

Harnesses discourage pulling

When your dog is wearing a collar and pulls on the leash, he’s still moving forward, which makes him think the pulling is successful. A harness redirects him. There’s no reward because pulling doesn’t get him anywhere. Finally, harnesses are a great solution for those little escape pets that are on the lead one moment, then you blink, and they’ve wriggled out of their collar. Once you’ve decided to use a harness, choose the best for your dog. The harnesses here have varied features and will satisfy everybody’s pocket and taste.

Correct measuring of the harness is highly important. Wearing a safety harness disperses the pressure from one smaller area on the neck to the back and the body. It spreads the stress over a larger surface area. A good dog harness means that all pressure will be taken off the neck. Your dog will not suffer from neck and trachea injuries definitely. This is extremely important during pulling or training. So, measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be flat to the dog, not pulled tight, but not loose. Select a size that is between the specified size range.

Nylon dog harness all-purpose for American Bulldog Breed

American Bulldog Nylon Harness with ID Patches

Wearing a harness gives your favourite pet more freedom whereas the handler gets full control over the canine. Some dogs dislike any kind of restraint. In this case, dog harness will become an indispensable gear. If harness for dogs is fitted properly and is the right size and style for your canine, it is almost impossible to slip off than a simple collar might be. Your dog will definitely get benefit from wearing a harness as opposed to a collar. Collars can restrict the breathing even further and make the walking experience much more uncomfortable.

FDT online shop offers you a great variety of dog harnesses of different sizes, for many occasions and multiple breeds. All the items are notable for top-notch quality, elaborate design, indisputable safety and extreme comfort. Each harness has smart design and can be used as a training tool or for everyday use. One of the beneficial features about this pet harness for dogs is that it is super easy to put on the dog and customise the fit properly. Some dog harnesses are too complex to use, but these ones offered in this shop from FDT just take some simple actions to put on, and they are easy to adjust, so you can get the perfect fit to your beloved pet.

The harness is comfortable in wearing

There is a strong D-ring on the back. It is easier to attach the leash to the back of an excitable or busy dog than to put a collar on him/her. Mostly all leather harnesses are padded on the chest to diminish pressure or hit. The chest plate has Y shape and fully protects the dog during training or accidental attack. Genuine leather and durable nylon are strong and dog-friendly materials chosen for manufacturing dog supplies. Nor leather nor nylon provoke any allergy or irritation. Your dog’s health is fully protected. Nylon dog harness is suitable for any weather use as nothing will happen and the gear will stay in good condition. Leather dog harnesses perfectly keep shape, don’t fade. This is a proved fact that the harnesses don’t stretch and are pretty long-servicing.

Warming coat for Huskies

Get Warming Coat for Your Dog

There are also guide and assistance mobility dog harnesses. These models can be nylon and leather. They provide help and support for the handler due to smart construction. Guide dogs work in a specially designed harness which allows the canine to communicate properly with the handler while leading. This harness is a real pleasure for the dog owner as it is easy adjustable and can be put on/off quickly. The advantages of this supply is its hard steel control handle and easy removable main handle. What is more, the harness comes with reflective stripes to increase visibility and provide safety for the handler.

Dog harnesses are made in different styles designed for different dog needs. Some are simple, other are designer and studded. You are free to choose inimitable spiked accessories, fashionable harnesses decorated with luxurious studs on the chest or just simple harnesses for daily elegance of your pet. Anyway, Training and walking will turn into an interesting challenge for your dog.

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