2 Ply Leather Dog Collar Adorned with Handcrafted Braids

The collar is well made, it’s very sturdy and I can tell that it will last many years. It’s easy to put on my dog. Since it’s new, it’s stiff especially because it’s pure leather. But after more wear, it’ll be softer. My dog is very comfortable while wearing this collar, I can tell she really likes it! I love the design of the braid and the gold accents. It matches the leash (also from this company, also very good quality, and I have had it already for 5 years!). I recommend this brand to anyone who’s looking for high quality products that will last a long time. The price is worth it! It was easy to place an order, the employees made it so easy and fast.

Liliya N., 09/28/2022
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