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*Drago Finds Excellent STAINLESS STEEL Dog Pinch Collar

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  • Model: HS24#1073 50004 (55) (3.25) Pinch Collar Drago*


I just placed and order and this is the order number #3000551, he is a 3 year old male Cane Corso. I would say that he is full grown, cant imagine him growing anymore considering he is three.
Ive attached a recent photo of him so it will hopefully help determining size.

From: Soo Baek, Oregon, USA

STAINLESS STEEL-Dog pinch collar is everything  Drago ever wanted

Stainless steel training dog collar/ Pinch dog collar/ Prong dog collar
Training dogs is like an art! If you want to achieve the best results, you will need to care about training equipment and learning some tips how to use it properly as well. You'll need to find the best solution for your dog to be trained in the right way. Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar is a good solution for training dogs with obedience problems. You should always remember that your dog still shouldn't be dependent on wearing this collar or it will be uncontrollable without it. Prong or Pinch Collars are usually made of metal and has prongs evenly arranged around the collar, so that when you pull the dog understands something is done wrong. It should be worn high on the dog's neck, right under dog's chin and behind his ears. This collar is ment for the dogs that have problems with behavior and it should be used only in training purposes.

Dog collar Dog collar/> Dog collar/>

STAINLESS STEEL-Dog pinch collar made in Germany

dog collar size: 3.25mm,10 links,23 inch ( 58 cm ), additional link 1 2/5 inch ( 3.5 cm )

Products made of Stainless Steel are usually a bit more expensive then those made of ordinary steel, but still they have a number of advantages. This mostly refer to coastal areas, where odinary steel parts in condition of high air humidity level may become rusty. This collar will perfectly fit for working or hunting dog, as well as if your dog just likes to swim in the ponds. Chains made of ordinary steel will lose its view under the influence of humidity. Moreover, salt water makes the metal surface rough, as a result it starts to rust. This will never happen with stainless steel. Collars made of this material will serve you and your dog much longer.

You can also order nylon removable protector for this pinch collar
1.Reduces contact with water
2.Protects against excessive light reflection
3.Collar makes less noise
4.Does not look like pinch collar - looks like regular collar

dog pinch collar nylon protector - herm sprenger original made in Germany

Check how this product looks on the dogs (click on the pictures to see bigger image)
pinch dog collar

My order arrived last Friday and the collars are "Superb" we are very pleased will all of them, workmanship and appearance. We will definitely keep you at the top to our list the next time we need something.
Thank you for your response to my email, it was greatly appreciated.

From :Nancy, USA

Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star

Superb quality
Lukasz Trzebinski (Stamford, CT) 11/24/2009 10:46 AM
I am very happy with the product, I got one for all of my dogs, and would buy again in eye blink. Thanks.

Take a Look at HS Collar in 3D

David Haywood, Queensland, Australia
Date added review: 02/01/2014
G’day Guy Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for getting more order processed and shipped so quickly. It arrived today just in time for our weekend sessions. I’ll certainly being using your services again in the near future. Cheers Training Director 0400 440 526"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
Carlos Leite, Canada
Date added review: 26/03/2015
Hi Alice, I am very happy with the purchase . The pinch collar has made a huge differnce with controlling our pet we are very satisfided .Thank you,

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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