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Lite & Flexy Dog Bite Suit

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  • Model: PBS6#1073 New lite protection bite suit


Lite Full Protection Bite Suit for Mondioring

Getting ready for Mondioring or French Ring?
Need a reliable and durable bite suit?
Get this new Protection Bite Suit for Mondio and French Ring that provides with maneuvering capability for the decoy and is not as heavy as the bite suits you have tried before.
With this professional dog bite suit you will be able to prepare a real defender dog who will pass the protection phase of the Mondioring perfectly.

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Protection Dog Bite Suit Jacket for Mondioring Training

French Linen Dog Bite Suit Jacket for Mondioring Training

Key features of this Dog Bite Suit:

  • outside Velcro closure
  • inside quick release jacket closure buckles
  • multiple upgrades for better flexibility / mobility

Intended use of this Dog Bite Suit:

  • protection training
  • Mondioring
  • French Ring

Sizes available:

  • see the table below

Available colors:

  • black

For the fans of Mondioring or French Ring this dog training supply can become a great helper and protection.
Do not neglect your safety. With this Protection Training Dog Bite Suit that is made of quality and durable French linen you will be able to turn the training session into a top graded activity.

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Mondioring Training Dog Bite Suit of French Linen

Protection Training Lite Dog Bite Suit

This Lite Dog Bite Suit allows the decoy to move rather freely so the dog will have to make all his / her best to bite. Good maneuvering capability is very important during protection work. As the decoy will be able to move fast, turn away from bite, he will be able to reproduce a real situation that may happen in life when your dog is on service and chases the offender / criminal.

You will be also able to practice the fleeing attack, face attack and other types of training and prepare a real dog champion.

Sizing chart:

Size Waist Thighs Inseam Outseam Weight
50/170 M

37 4/5 inch
(96 cm)

41 3/4 inch
(106 cm)
25 3/5 inch
(65 cm)
37 2/5 inch
(95 cm)
132lb - 165lb
(60kg - 75kg)
50/180 M 37 4/5 inch
(96 cm)
41 3/4 inch
(106 cm)
30 3/10 inch
(77 cm)
41 7/10 inch
(106 cm)
143lb - 176lb
(65kg - 80kg)
52/170 L 37 4/5 inch
(96 cm)
46 1/2 inch
(118 cm)
26 inch
(66 cm)
37 4/5 inch
(96 cm)
154lb - 187lb
(70kg - 85kg)
52/180 L 39 2/5 inch
(100 cm)
47 1/5 inch
(120 cm)
30 3/10 inch
(77 cm)
42 1/10 inch
(107 cm)
165lb - 198lb
(75kg - 90kg)
54/170 XL 43 3/10 inch
(110 cm)
51 1/5 inch
(130 cm)
26 2/5 inch
(67 cm)
38 1/5 inch
(97 cm)
176lb - 209lb
(80kg - 95kg)
54/180 XL 43 3/10 inch
(110 cm)
51 1/5 inch
(130 cm)
30 3/10 inch
(77 cm)
42 1/2 inch
(108 cm)
187lb - 220lb
(85kg - 100kg)
56/170 XXL 47 1/5 inch
(120 cm)
55 1/10 inch
(140 cm)
26 4/5 inch
(68 cm)
38 3/5 inch
(98 cm)
209lb - 242lb
(95kg - 110kg)
56/180 XXL 47 1/5 inch
(120 cm)
55 1/10 inch
(140 cm)
30 3/10 inch
(77 cm)
42 9/10 inch
(109 cm)
220lb - 264lb
(100kg - 120kg)

Please note!
This dog bite suit is not aimed for everyday training. Also, if you only start training your dog we do recommend to wear special protective clothes under the suit: hidden bite arm and leg sleeves, etc.

How to get measurements for a bite suit:

How-to-size diagram 1 - across shoulders
2 - around the waist just about 2 inches (5 cm) above the pants line
3 - around the hips at the point 2 inches (5 cm) lower than the pants line
4 - leg circumference above knee
5 - across the body - from pants line to neck
6 - inseam size
7 - outseam size
A - neck to shoulder
B - shoulder to elbow
C - elbow to tip of the fingers

Please also measure your chest circumference and send your weight and height to make sure we send you best fit suit.

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