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French Linen Bite Protection Sleeve for Training Young and Adult Dogs


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  • Model: PS24F1073 Dog bite sleeve french linen


New Age Dog Bite Sleeve Fabricated of French Linen material

Start efficient bite training of your dog with French Linen Short Bite Sleeve. It is professional bite training equipment manufactured by skilled craftsmen under supervision of experts in the field of dog bite training. Its material and shape fully corresponds the needs of the handler: it protects the arm up to the elbow, it is comfortable for holding it and it fits for both right and left arms. Due to special durable construction of the sleeve and strong French Linen cover it is very hard to bite it through so it creates 200% protection for the handler. At the same time, its surface is rather slippery for canine's teeth so he should make efforts in order to grip it well. Thus, this Bite Sleeve is a perfect item for training dog skills and develop proper bite grip. This product is recommended for young and adult dogs.

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Short Bite Sleeve for Training Young and Adult Dogs

Short Bite Sleeve Crafted of French Linen

ForDogTrainers take care of canines and their owners - that is why we produce one of the safest dog equipment in the world. French Linen is a natural textile with fibers of flax plant origin. It doesn't contain any toxicants or harmful substances so it is ecologically safe.

Key features of this Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • strong durable french linen
  • dog-friendly material
  • ajustable strap (elbow zone)
  • 2 internal handles
  • stitched with strong threads
  • arm up to elbow protection
  • fits for left and right hand
  • replaceable handles on the sleeve

Intended use of this Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • young and adult dog training
  • police and military dog training
  • schutzhund training
  • bite grip training
  • army dogs training


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg )

Available colors:

  • color can change


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French Linen Bite Protection Sleeve

Comfortable Bite Protection Dog Sleeve

The Sleeve has two handles inside. They allow to hold the sleeve stronger and hide the hand, protecting it from biting. Additional comfort is guaranteed due to its rather light weight (if compared to other bite sleeves) - only 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg). However, please be attentive - this sleeve is short so it doesn't have shoulder protection and requires being more careful when training a dog. Special adjustable strap on the elbow zone allows to fit the sleeve in the most comfortable way for the helper. It fixates the sleeve well preventing it from moving around.

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Jute bite sleeve

French Linen Sleeve for Bite Training

Let's summarize the benefits of this Sleeve:

  • Do you want your dog to be safe? Choose this sleeve as it is manufactured of natural material and it is absolutely dog-friendly.
  • it has perfect surface that creates an obstacle for easy biting, thus, efficiently trains strong bite grip and gets the dog accustomed to various fabrics. Do you want to train your pet easily and properly? This sleeve is for your canine!
  • Get this item and save your time as it is easily adjustable for the hand of the helper.
  • Your security is important to us so we made the training tool very protective: it protects the hand and arm up to the elbow.
  • Does convenience matter? this sleeve allows to hold it better and easier due to special two internal handles.
  • It fits both right and left arms so it will be so comfortable for you!

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Dog Bite Sleeve Ecologically Safe

Safe Bite Sleeve for Working Dogs

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