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All Weather dog harness for tracking / pulling Designed to fit Airedale Terrier - H6

  • Model: H6###1073 Nylon dog harness
Date Added: 09/11/2011

5 stars

I promised to write this review a couple of years ago, but just now got my "round to it." Our "Oorang" Airedale, Bailey is three years old now. Even as a puppy, Walking him with collar and leash was impossible.
We tried the Gentle leader, but is wasn't as "gentle" as advertised. I'm sure it was very uncomfortable and his attitude while wearing it was evidence of his discomfort. It was a fight to get it on him; by the time it was in place, both of us were completely disgruntled. On his walks, when he wasn't pulling, he was jumping at it and doing his very best to get it off and several times was successful in his efforts.
Next we bought a cheap harness from a department store pet area. While trying to figure out which strap went where and adjust it to fit, Bailey managed to grab the chest strap and bit through it in one bite.
Finding the All Weather Dog Harness was a God send. It was easy to fit and goes on in seconds. Bailey enjoys wearing it and although he still has moments when he pulls, these days I can usually walk him with just one hand on the leash.
I also have to say the customer service here is awesome. When I first placed my order, my card didn't go through although I knew the money was in my account. The owner stayed right with me until we got it sorted.
The harness is currently a little frayed and will soon need to be replaced. However, after over two years of walking Bailey twice a day, I really believe I've got my money's worth. I am thrilled to see that this harness is still available. I wouldn't be happy with anything else!
Linda Jenkinson
by Linda Jenkinson
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