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Nylon Dog Harnesses

Are you in constant search of appropriate daily harness for your dog? Let your favourite pet to enjoy wearing one of this nylon dog harnesses.
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Flat Nylon Harness

Our Nylon Flat Step-In Harness offers soft, adjustable tubular nylon with a rounded edge for maximum comfort. Be sure to measure your pet's girth for...
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High Quality Guide Dog, Service Nylon Harness with Reflective Front Strap

Guide nylon dog harness/ Assistance nylon dog harness/ Mobility nylon dog harness Description of the nylon guide dog harness Our high quality...
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Nylon Mesh Harness

Our personalized mesh harnesses are made of lightweight, breathable mesh fabric with an adjustable chest strap for a perfect fit. They also feature a...
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Patches for H17 Better Control Harness

Patch sizes: Length - 5 1/5 inches (13cm) Width - 1 1/2 inches (4cm) One size fits all sizes of the H17 Better control any weather nylon harness....
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Step-In Nylon Harness + Optional Flower Leash

This nylon harness and leash set includes a step-in harness and strong nylon leash with a flower detail. It offers comfortable control while walking...
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Warm Nylon Winter Harness Dog Coat for Walking

Warm and Extremely Comfortable Winter Dog Coat for pleasant walking When winter comes our natural desire is to spend as much time in the house as...
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Smart Design Weight Pulling Dog Harness

Professional Weight Pulling Nylon Dog Harness Have you already found a good training gear for your dog? This Weight Pulling Nylon Dog Harness is...
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Nylon Dog Control Harness with Handle for Tracking, Pulling and Walking

This light weight heavy duty pulling harness will last for years. Probably the best nylon pulling harness for police,service,rescue,sport or...
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Tactical Insertion Rescue Nylon Dog Harness

This is the most functional insertion harness we have ever seen. Heavy duty 2” nylon construction. Quick release high strength buckles allow on/off...
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Displaying 10 to 18 (of 18 Products)
A great choice of dog supplies made of durable nylon will draw your attention definitely. Choose from this large selection of nylon, all weather, service, police and military harnesses. Schutzhund, tracking, police K9, search and rescue, walking, training, pulling and guide and assistance harnesses are available to purchase. Water-resistance, extreme durability, great functionality and practicability are combined to manufacture these FDT Nylon Dog Harnesses. Choose one of these perfect dog accessories and give your pet more freedom and opportunities!

Nylon dog harness suits any weather conditions

Nylon harness for dogs is always a reasonable buying if your dog is active and loves outdoor activities despite the weather. Nylon dog harness perfectly resists bad weather conditions and can be worn whether it is rain or snow. Nylon is a universal material as it is strong, tear-proof and lightweight. Due to these features, nylon dog harness does not stretch, does not lose its shape or color, does not restrict pet in movements. Great adjustability allows you to fit it properly on the dog. The dog feels comfortable in this harness and is ready to play or train. What else, you can also wash and clean the item as nylon dries out quickly. There are no toxicants in its composition. Your doggie will stay healthy and happy.

Open great advantages of nylon dog harnesses

With FDT nylon harness, you take control of your dog from the moment you put this gear on. It is easy to put on/off and your pet is ready to enjoy walking or training instantly. The construction of each nylon dog harness is simple making the gear the most functional. There are harnesses with reflective strap that provides better visibility at night. This specific option prevents your dog from losing. Other come with patches with different name on them.

Nylon Harness for American Bulldog

Nylon American Bulldog Harness with Patches

As it was mentioned, the harness is totally adjustable. The quick release buckle will make harnessing your dog fast and simple. Just one click and your pet is ready for walking and training. Mostly all harnesses are equipped with strong D-ring for leash attachment. The stuff is nickel plated steel, durable and non-rusting.

Nice winter and dog rehabilitation vest harnesses are available to order. This is a special kind of equipment which gives your pet warmth in winter and helps to rehabilitate. Soft velcros provide comfy fit. Due to them, the nylon harness sits snugly but doesn`t restrict the dog.

Riesenschnauzer Nylon Vest Made of Waterproof Material

Lightweight Nylon Riesnschnauzer Vest

Professional pulling dog harness comes with spreader bar and steel ring for more comfortable and reliable attachment a cargo. This harness is recommended by dog trainers for active pulling work, to build your pet’s muscles. Strong stitching adds more reliability to each item. The whole construction of this pulling harness is conceived to maximise comfort and avoid overstraining of your pet during any kind of training. Wide enough straps will protect your pet’s skin from rubbing or cutting.

All in all, nylon dog harnesses take an important place in training and walking the dog. One of these multifunctional accessories should definitely replenish your dog`s set of ammunition!

Comfortable for Any Activity Dog Harness

Lightweight Nylon Harness for Belgian Malinois

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