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Our tugs also differ by the variety of models and sizes. Designed with one, two handles and even 3, they are convenient and durable due to tear-proof materials and careful stitching. All the materials are also absolutely safe for the canine's health. Bite tug without handle is handy for retrieving and prey drive exercises. It is easy to take pocket bite tug with you for a walk thanks to its compact size. If you involve your pet in advanced training, you will like Bite Pad with 3 handles, meant to make it easier for you to train your dog.
Check all the products in the category and order those that will suit perfectly for your dog's bite training and certainly joyful pastime. Make your dog happy and present him one of these wonderful accessories! Jute bite dog tugs, French Linen bite dog tugs, Fire hose bite dog tugs, Leather bite dog tugs, Bite dog pads and rugs, big and small sets of tugs - great choice to make your pet busy and entertained.
A dog bite tug this is an ultimate reward for your dog. Our bite tugs are available in jute, French Linen, Fire Hose and leather. They are durable and strong corresponding the world standards of safety. With bite rags, tugs and pads, you awake your dog's hunting instincts and his interest to bite into the bite cloth or bite tug. A bite tug made of synthetic material is smoother than a jute one and leather is smoother than a synthetic one. The dog learns to bite more powerful so he does not lose the bite tug or bite rag. Our bite tugs or bite rags are available with one or two handles, in fabric, jute and leather, stuffed or flat.                 

The right training starts with the right gear, Fordogtrainers believes this to be so true. Here we offer dog training equipment for everyone, whether you train your dog for police k9, schutzhund, military, ring sport, agility, search and rescue or just want high quality dog training equipment. All the tugs are great for daily playing as well. Tug Toys are meant for interactive tugging between you and your dog. But it is strongly recommended not to allow your dog to keep the toy after interaction has finished. Any tug is not meant for chewing and shouldn’t be left with the canine without supervision. Bite dog tugs serve for building prey drive, working on proper bite grip and developing hunting instincts. Building your dog's prey drive is a key aspect to allow him to perform at his best.
Tug o' war is a fun and useful game to play with your dog. This is a great game to play with most pets. Tugging is also one of the best ways to help reduce stress through increasing exercise. Tug is a great exercise. This is an easy way to encourage your doggie to play tug or involve him into a training lesson. Most dogs love to tug and you won't need do many efforts to make your canine busy with the help of one of these bite tugs, pads or rugs.
Pet owners love to play with their dogs and so do the pets. With these bite tug toys you and your dog can do something together that you both love. Mutual process strengthens the bond between you and builds friendly relationships. Control the access to the accessory and show your canine who is the leader. This simple approach from the first sight actually teaches the pet that behavior deference such as sitting and waiting. Tugging helps to redirect inappropriate use of teeth. Some dogs, especially puppies and adolescent dogs, just want to bite something. Doing in the positive way, you get better results if you redirect undesirable behavior of your canine through telling him what to do or not to do.
The game of tug teaches the pet self-control. Your dog has to sit and wait when you hold up the tug toy. He can only grab for it when you give him permission. Another good feature of this kind of exercising is building confidence. If you have two dogs who can tug together and try a threesome. You can order a bite pad with one handle for the human and two ends for the dogs. So, it is obvious that a game of tug is a an activity the whole family can fulfil.

Multiple Dog Bite Tugs to Choose from

Tug toys come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some of them are long enough that your dog’s teeth stay far away from your hand. Once your dog knows the rules, you can graduate to shorter toys. Small tug toys you will find convenient to put in a pocket. All the bite tugs are made of materials that invite your canine to grab and hold. These accessories won’t cause any damage to the teeth and gums of your pet. Each tool is properly stitched to avoid tearing or damage.
The construction of the tug is simple: this is a rectangular object, properly stuffed or without stuffing, with 1-2 or without handles. 

  • There are also bite pads with 3 handles which were created to help you to improve your dog’s bite skills and to correct his snap. Perfect design allows you to have full control over the situation during training.

  • Strong bite builders come with 3 hard handles inside to protect your hands during heavy-duty training. Perfect bite surface makes training pleasant and efficient.
  • Rug for bite training are excellent for building, working and improving the grip on pups and young dogs. Rug are super strong and safe for dog teeth.

How to Use a Bite Dog Tug

1. A tug should be long enough to keep dog teeth far away from your hands, and that is comfortable for you to hold when he pulls.
2. Put the tug toy away after usage. Don’t leave the accessory with your dog unsupervised. 
3. Hold up the toy. If he lunges for it say “Oops” and quickly hide it behind your back. It’s your toy - he can only grab it when you give him permission.
4. Children should not play tug with your dog unless and until you are confident they can play by the rules. If you do allow children to play tug with your dog, always directly supervise the game.
5. Only tug side-to-side, not up-and-down (up-and-down can cause injury to your dog’s spine), and temper the vigor of your play to the size and age of your dog.

When to Use a Bite Dog Tug

  • Advanced/Beginner stage bite training
  • Building/developing full bite grip
  • Building/developing better position grip
  • Building/developing stronger grip
  • Playing
  • Game of Fetch

Jute Bite Dog Tugs

Jute bite tugs are used in all dog sport disciplines and are very suitable as toys for the home dog. They represent the ultimate reward for your canine as a praise for his good behavior. Our bite tugs are made of sturdy jute with no harmful substances for your dog. Jute is a natural material, therefore eco-friendly and doesn't cause any health problems. Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. It is extra strong, tear-resistant and durable.

French Linen Bite Dog Tugs

A tug is an ideal interactive toy! These tugs are very strong, they are made of the same material used for the bite suits: French Linen. French linen tugs make excellent obedience rewards and are durable enough to stand up for years of use without losing their shape. French Linen is a synthetic material which is lightweight, tear-resistant and sturdy. Such  accessories are strong and show very minimal wear after long period of use. They are completely safe and non-toxic. No allergy threatens to your dog's health.

Fire Hose Bite Dog Tugs

Fire Hose bite dog tugs can be used for bite training, as retrieve item or just for playing. It is an excellent retrieve and drive building tool. Bite tug toy is of premium quality and hand stitched on the edges. It is completely safe for dog's teeth. Durable tough fire hose material with no metal or squeakers provides safe and strong construction. Great on land, snow or water - machine wash and air dry. This stuff is natural and has perfect tear-resistance. Such material will cause no harm for your pet's health.      

Leather Bite Dog Tugs

Leather bite tugs help to develop and improve your pet's biting skills and natural instincts. The surface of the gear is challenging for biting. Strong and reliable material, leather, is super durable and tear-resistant. Natural stuff gives extra strength and durability to the product. ite gear made of the natural materials will not endanger the dog's health and dog's teeth in particular. The surface is soft and pleasant to touch. Leather cover of this bite tug doesn’t allow wet and dust to be soaked up. If the bite tug becomes dirty, there is no difficulty to clean it.
All presented categories of bite dog tugs in our store deserve your attention. Each one will serve your pet long and will bring him to success definitely. Training or playing will become a real pleasure as for the canine as for the handler. Prey drive is greatly stimulated with these items. Let your dog get the opportunity and challenge to bite the tug and you will see how happy he will be.
Happy tugging!

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