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Pinch Collars

Pinch or not to pinch? That is the questions... Stop hesitating and teach your dog obedience. Pinch collars are effective training solution which will help you to suppress too aggressive dog's behavior. FDT offers a variety of high-quality dog pinch metal collars, which is considered to be a perfect alternative to choke collars.
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Curogan Dog Prong Collar - 1/8 inch (3.25 mm) Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar

Strong Curogan Dog Pinch Collar Those dog owners who care for their dogs and want best for them can find everything on this site. Here we present...
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Bright Curogan Dog Pinch Prong Collar - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch)

Are you tired of constant dog’s misbehavior? The main function of this Bright Curogan Pinch Collar is to give you as more control over your dog as...
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Curogan Dog Prong Collar - 1/8 inch (3.25 mm) link diameter

Reliable Curogan Dog Prong Collar You dream of the collar that will be effective in training, simple in use, harmless for your dog and useful in all...
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Herm Sprenger Curogan Dog Pinch Prong Collar 3.25mm (1/8 inch)

 Dog Pinch Collar for Obedience training Is not it true that your four-foot friend deserves to be treated in the best way? They say treat...
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Best Training Curogan Dog Pinch Prong Collar - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)

High-quality Curogan Dog Pinch Collar If you decided that it is high time to start training your dog, you've found the right place to choose a...
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Anti-allergenic Curogan Dog Prong Collar - 3.99mm (1/6 inch)

Antiallergic Curogan Dog Prong Collar We are glad to offer you this Curogan Dog Prong Collar . Though some people consider them to be cruel and...
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Dog Training Pinch Prong Collar of Non-allergenic Curogan - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch)

Money-saving Dog Pinch Collar Training a dog is a difficult process which takes long time, but the right choice of the collar may solve half of the...
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Herm Sprenger Curogan Dog Prong Collar for Safe Training - 3.99mm (1/6 inch)

Gorgeous Looking Dog Prong Collar This Prong Collar is a very indispensable accessory in training your dog. Prudent using of this model will help you...
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'Easy Taming' HS Dog Pinch Prong Collar Designed of Curogan Alloy with Prong Diameter 1/11 inch (2.25 mm)

Herm Sprenger Curogan Pinch Dog Collar with New Design of Click-Lock Buckle Do you need effective behavior correction remedy for your pet? Do you...
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Displaying 37 to 45 (of 67 Products)
Pinch or prong collars come in different materials. Give your preference to the most popular stainless steel pinch collar or the one plated with chromium. Surprise for the owners of the dog with sensitive skin - curogan metal dog collar. Your dogwill not sufferfromallergies or fur discoloration!

The obvious advantage of this type of training dog collars is their quick and non-problematic size adjustability. jJust several minutes are needed to clap the necessary amount of additional links.

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