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Neck Tech Collar Nylon Protector - Prong Collar Nylon Cover


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  • Model: NP2011073 Neck Tech Nylon Protector


Nylon Protector for Neck Tech Dog Collar

We are glad that you've made a right choice and bought Extra Durable Neck Tech Collar for your dog. The Collar is a practical training tool that will help you to control your pet in unexpected situations. Please don't think that your Marvelous Neck Tech Collar will look worse if you put the Nylon Protector. Vice verse, if you don't want your neighbors to know that your dog has behavior problems the collar with Nylon Protector will look like a usual nylon collar. Besides Neck Tech Collars are usually bright and it may irritate you when walking with your pet in sunny weather or during the training sessions.

Key features of this Nylon Protector:

  • A very lustrous material
  • Never stretch
  • Highly resistant to insects, fungi, animals, molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals
  • Excellent strength

Intended use of this Nylon Protector:

  • Protects the collar against excessive light reflection
  • Reduces contact with water
  • Makes the collar look like an ordinary collar
  • Makes the collar less noisy

Sizes available:

  • Depends upon Collar's size


  • Nylon

This Protector is made of Nylon because:

  • it is very durable material. Nylon fibers are normally used to produce, for example, seat belts and ballistic cloth
  • it has good abrasion resistance
  • it is highly resilient material
  • it is highly resistant to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew and other chemicals
As you may see Nylon is the best material for Neck Tech Collar Protector.

Please consider the following:

You should order the Nylon protector the same size with Neck Tech Collar, but if you've bought larger collar for your dog and had to take away one or a few links you should make the Nylon Protector fit your Collar. How you can do it? It's very easy. Please measure the length of Neck Tech Collar, then measure the Nylon protector and cut extra length. Please scorch the edges with lighter.
If you doggie has grown or has gained weight we can provide you a new Nylon Protector that will fit the new size of the Neck Tech Collar.

If you were looking for a Pinch/Prong Collar Nylon Protector, please check this link.

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