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Gorgeous Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design_9

Description This collar will fit dogs with neck size 17 inch and up to 21 inch (43 cm - 55 cm) This Collar Is 1 inch Wide - Which Makes It...
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Gorgeous Wide 2 Ply Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design

Super Braided Leather Dog Collar for Amstaff If you like unusual and simultaneously practical things. If you appreciate high quality. If you want...
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Gorgeous Wide Brown Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design

Fashionista Leather Dog Collar for Amstaffs Do you own a beautiful Amstaff girl? If yes then you won't stay indifferent to this decorated with...
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Gorgeous Wide Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design

"Blue Stars" Leather Dog Collar for Amstaffs       If you are an owner of a beautiful Amstaff girl then you should...
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Gorgeous Wide Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design_16

Description This collar will fit dogs with neck size 18 inch and up to 27 inch (45 cm - 70 cm) Click on the pictures to see bigger image ...
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Gorgeous Wide Tan Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design,Special33

Fashion Leather Dog Collar for Amstaffs Are you looking for a well made stylish leash for your Amstaff? You don't want it to look like anything...
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Luxury handcrafted leather dog harness made To Fit Amstaff H7

Slim Leather Amstaff Harness Do you need a modern, quality, adjustable and well fit harness? Do you want it to provide your pet with freedom of...
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NEW Amstaff Revolution Design Wire Dog Muzzle - M9

If you got tired of adjusting a muzzle each time; if you want your dog not to be restricted in barking; if you want him to breathe freely; if you...
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Spiked Walking dog harness made of leather And Created To Fit Amstaff and similar breeds - product code H9

Stylish Spikes Leather Amstaff Harness Can't find something special for your Amstaff? Take it easy because our Designer Spiked and Padded Chest...
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Displaying 28 to 36 (of 40 Products)
Amstaff in a muzzle
From the History of the Breed:

The history of American Staffordshire Terrier breed has more than 300 years. Old English Bulldogs and Terriers are considered to be their ancestors. Old English Bulldog was a courageous, fearless dog with a strong, compact and muscled body with huge jaws. Bulldog was bred out for baiting, which aim was to attack a bull tied to a peg and to seize it on the nose. There are many old engravings with the picture of fighting Bulldogs in which American Staffordshire Terriers are very similar to their constitution.

As a result of crossbreeding Bulldog with Terrier there appeared breed which combines strength, courage and hardness of a Bulldog with aggressiveness, quickness and assertiveness of a Terrier. This dog has also inherited power and massiveness of a Bulldog, at the same time having become more agile and mobile. This dog was named "Bull Terrier» (Bull-and-Terrier).

Country of origin: U.S.A.

General appearance:
American Staffordshire Terrier impresses with his force that is not inherent for the similar sized dog. It is well built, muscular, but at the same time elegant, nimble and energetic dog. Amstaff should be stocky, not long-legged or similar to a greyhound. His courage is legendary.

Height and weight:

Height and weight should necessarily be proportional. Height is about 18-19 inches (46-48 cm) for males and 17-18 inches (44-46 cm) - for females.

Short, snugly fits body, shiny and stiff by touch.

Monochrome, part coloring or spotted color is allowed. Color is to be pure white or white color that occupies more than 80% of body surface, whereas black and tan or liver similar colors are undesirable.

Amstaff breed with the harness on
It should be of medium length, deep, and broad, well-muscled and with a distinct stop from the forehead to the muzzle. Muzzle – is of medium length, with sharp stop to the skull, not lowered. A bridge of nose is rounded. Nose is always black.

Ears are set high, cropped or uncropped. The latest are not preferred. Uncropped ears should be short and kept half raised or staight. Totally hanging ears are rejected.
They are dark, rounded, strongly sunken, widely set. Bypass of the eye should not be pink.

The jaws are clearly delineated. Strong mandible provides powerful grip. The lips – are dense, snugly fitting and not pendulous. Upper incisors interlock with the front part of the lower incisors.

Solid, slightly arched, tapering from the shoulders to the nape, of medium length, no dewlap.

Chest is broad and deep, with rather prominent and densely placed ribs.

Slightly tucked.

Tail is short if compared with the size of the dog with low set and tapering to an end. It is not hooked, not curled over his back. Undocked.

Limbs (front and rear):
The forelegs are straight with strong round bones. The pasterns are vertical.
Hind legs are very muscular. The hocks are moderately short. Hocks are turned neither in nor out. Feet are of medium size and well arched. Movements are springy.

Amstaff with a leather harness on
Attractive features:
Amstaff has an innate ability to feel a serious situation. He is one of the best defenders. Amstaff likes to stay close to his owner and will not come out of the room, if his owner is there. When Amstaff appears at home, even being a small puppy, be ready that he will follow you, having buried his nose into your heels. You can safely set him free from the leash when walking outside, without fear that the dog will loss or escape.

Amstaff is cheerful, but not fussy. He is not inclined to a plaintive howl, which is very annoying. He loves to play anytime and anywhere whether it is his owner, child or pet.

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