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Metal Collars

For dog trainers and not only!
Order one of these metal collars and enjoy walking obedient canine.
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Extra Prong Links for Antique Copper Pinch Collar - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)

Money-saving Additional Link for Antique Copper Pinch Collar We recommend you to make smart purchases and save money at the same time. How can this...
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Choke dog collar - HS1 ( Made in Germany )_3

Choke dog collar. Made in Germany. Steel. Chrome plated Please have a look at the sizing table to choose a proper size of this chain choke collar. ...
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Displaying 64 to 65 (of 65 Products)
Are you tired of your dog's misbehavior? Congratulations!!! Now you are looking at the best dog collar for pulling. They will become a great solution for the handlers whose dogs have behavior problems. All collars are made of quality metal - steel covered with chrome fur safer, brass dog collar or stainless steel prong collars. Check out German quality Herm Sprenger collars presented on our site in great assortment. All the products are of the highest quality and extremely effective if used correctly! Get the best dog training stuff!
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