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*Neo wearing our exclusive Tracking / Pulling / Agitation Leather Dog Harness For Mastiff H5

Dear Guy, We received the harness and it looks and fits great. She is our 3rd Neo over the last 25 years. Our Neo is a youngster (1 year) and very...
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Agitation / Protection / Attack Leather Dog Harness Perfect For Your Mastiff H1

Leather French Mastiff Harness for Agitation Training Click on the pictures to see bigger image Training Leather Dog Harness on Mastiff ...
$84.99... more info

Big Leather Dog Harness For Mastiffs

Training Leather Dog Harness Please take a look at this heavy duty full leather agitation harness. This is truly beautiful piece of hand made...
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Gorgeous *Bruno is wearing our Wide Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design - c73

Guy , Three Happy Customers want to Thank You for the really nice collar, see attachment for areal Good Looking Boy. William, Barbara and Bruno Henry...
$38.99... more info

Gorgeous *Jupiter wearing our Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness

Heavy duty full leather agitation harness.This is truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog equipment!One of the best available harnesses.The...
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Gorgeous Wide 2 Ply Leather Dog Collar - Fashion Exclusive Design

Classic and Style Combo 2 Ply Leather Dog Collar Hello, Thank you very much. Excellent fit, excellent product. I will recommend you to all of my...
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Gorgeous Wide Brown Leather Dog Collar

Fancy Dog Collar with Circles and Blue Stones Description This Collar Is Extra Wide - Almost 1 1/2 Inch - Which Makes It Perfect Tool...
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Korean Mastiff *Tiny wearing our padded walking dog harness

I recently purchased a halter and leash for my Korean Mastiff.? Nobody else had one large enough in stock, including the major dog stores.? Your Old...
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Leather Basket Dog Muzzle for my Mastiff

Leather Basket Dog Muzzle The muzzle to stop barking is exclusively handmaded by our craftsmen. You have to see this muzzle for reactive dog to...
$59.99... more info
Displaying 19 to 27 (of 33 Products)
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