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Bull Terrier

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Displaying 19 to 20 (of 20 Products)
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From the history of the breed:
Bull Terrier as a separate dog breed can be already shown in cynological literature and on samples of old engravings since 1820. His triumphant progress in the dog world, he has made in the center of the Birmingham Black Country in about 1860 after James Hinks, the father of the modern Bull Terrier managed to establish this type of breed so that its clear outlines start from that time.

The country of origin:

General appearance:
Strongly built, muscular, proportional, active, with lively, decisive, clever expression.
Features of behavior and character:
Even-tempered, amenable to discipline, though stubborn, but the dog behaves exceptionally well with people.

The coat is short, smooth and uniform. It is hard by touch and has a nice sheen. The skin is tight everywhere.

For white dogs - pure white, the pigment of the skin and marks on its head are allowed. For colored one - the color should be dominant. If the dog is of the same color in all other parts, then preference should be given to the basic color.
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The head is long, powerful, low-set, but not having a rough shape, when viewed from the front the head should be in the form of egg, without all sorts of twists. The upper part is almost flat, from the top to the tip of the nose the head looks like sloping one, the nostrils are open and expressed.

Small and thin, close-fitting to each other.

Narrow and obliquetly placed, deep set in the skull, have a triangular shape, on standard should be dark - brown, light-colored eyes is a disqualifying trait. Distance from the nose to the eyes should be longer than from the eye to the middle of the top of the head.

The teeth should be white, strong and healthy, it should have a the right scissor shaped bite, any deviation from which is a disadvantage or defect.
The neck should have a very good muscles, should be long, folded, should narrow from the shoulders to the head. A slack skin on the throat is not allowed.

The body is powerful. The back is short and strong, the back line runs from the withers straight at first, and then slightly bends over the part of the thigh.

The bottom line is formed from the lower chest to the belly a graceful, leading upward curve. If viewed from the front, the chest should be broad.

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Bull Terrier
The belly is tightened.

The tail is short, lowly set, tapering to the tip.


The front limbs are round with strong bones, giving a stable position to the animal. The limbs are parallel, have an average length, the elbows are close fitting. The hind limbs are also parallel, strong and muscular. The knee is very flexible, the middle part of hind legs is short and strong. The paws are round and compact with well-movable fingers.

Attractive features:
Bull terrier is a smart dog, characterized by peculiar perspicacity. They are friendly and kindly disposed towards people.
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